Bonita – one of the top medical aid providers.

Bonita medical aid is one of the top healthcare firms in South Africa. Their focus is solely on the needs of its members.

Being fit and healthy does not mean you won’t fall ill or have an accident. This could require a stay in hospital so it’s vital you choose a good cover plan. A medical aid plan need not cost a lot. There are options that will suit your needs and budget.

Bonita medical Aid – You decide on the Type of plan you need

There are a number of things to think about when deciding on what type of healthcare plan you need. Always look at any value added benefits on offer. Sometimes they make a plan more affordable.

Bonita medical aid covers hospital fees in full and admission is subject to pre-authorisation unless it is an emergency. Four of the five plans the scheme offer have a no limit cover for major medical benefits. The Primary plan has a limit of R1 000 000 per family yearly.

Prescription and Treatment

Bonita medical AidThe chronic benefit applies to medication for conditions that demand on-going prescription and treatment. The various plans offer diverse limits with BonEsential, BonSave and Primary. They allow for PMBs at certain service providers, the Standard plan has a limit of R6 900 per person.

Having cover for chronic meds makes medical aid affordable. You won’t have to pay out extra for the medication. Out of Hospital benefits cover any day-to-day costs such as dentistry or GP visits.

Bonita medical Aid – The plans

Some of the plans allow for a savings account which means that you can manage your own out of hospital costs. Funds for the year that are not used are carried over to the following year.

The Standard and Primary plans offer cover whereby out of hospital care is linked by the GP on the Bonitas GP Network. This is to safeguard against further fees incurred.

The Primary plan is more for members who do not need chronic meds at this stage but do want cover for major medical expenses. The annual limit for the plan is R1 million and there is cover for day-to-day benefits. The cover is included for items such as GP and specialist visits, radiology and more.

Comprehensive cover 

The Standard plan has a comprehensive cover with day-to-day benefits and you can make full use of the GP Network. It has a few more chronic medication benefits too.

Bonitas’ BonSaveplan allows you to manage the day-to-day benefits with the use of a savings account. The BonEssential hospital plan is one of the reasons that makes Bonitas one of the top medical aid firms.

The plan covers a stay in hospital and PMB issues are provided for as are certain other benefits in or out of hospital. The Comprehensive plan offers complete cover with unlimited consultations and impressive cover for any major medical expenses.

Bonitas medical aid offers a good range of options to suit you and your budget. It always provides attractive incentives for their members.

All info was correct at time of publishing