Join Discovery, South Africa’s leading medical aid

Discovery, South Africa’s leading medical aid has a very core purpose. It aims to give all of its customers the best benefits, care and value when they join a medical aid. Here we will look at why you should join Discovery.

This huge company has over 2.6 million beneficiaries. And it is assuredly the biggest open medical aid scheme in South Africa. An open medical aid scheme means that any person in the public domain can join the medical aid.

Join DiscoveryIt is enticing to new members. Here are some good reasons why you should join Discovery:

  • Discovery offers comprehensive, affordable and flexible benefits from as many as 23 different plans that will suit your particular needs
  • Discovery offers you a huge range of care, services and benefits. So that you and your general practitioner can have access to the best in healthcare as and when you require it
  • You will find the contributions that you need to make highly affordable. Generally speaking, they are 14.6% lower than the contributions you would make if you compared them with some other medical schemes in South Africa


Benefits to cover your medical needs – Join Discovery

  • Discovery will pay for your day-to-day medical expenses. These can be like your GP expenses, everyday medicines, maybe radiology, etc. Your day-to-day expenses will depend on what plan you choose from Discovery.
  • There is also a medical savings account which you may receive when you take from the Executive, the Comprehensive, the Priority or the Saver plans. It’s a fixed amount that Discovery gives you at the beginning of the year. This amount and your contributions are calculated according to the plan you choose as a fixed part.


Vitality is vital

Discovery Health has their Vitality programme as well, where you earn vitality points each time you want to improve your health. It could be when you go for preventative screen tests, or you buy healthy food, or you want to become more physically active, etc. With this programme intact, you can enjoy varied rewards for every status level you reach.

It just makes a whole lot of sense to join Discovery – you win all the way

Members, financial advisers and doctors rank it as the number one medical aid. Go to the website to take a look at the exceptional services. And also the comprehensive benefits, the financial strength of this remarkable medical aid scheme. So it is their intention for 2017 to prioritise each and every member’s wellness and health by continuing to bring out new, improved tools. Also, all to enable members to manage their health. Yes, join Discovery, is surely is South Africa’s leading Medical Aid for a reason – it’s simply the best, and they care!

All info was correct at time of publishing