Discovery Comprehensive Medical Aid for Total Peace of Mind

January 17, 2015

Because it is the largest medical aid provider in SA, Discovery can offer you more for less. Significantly, their flagship package is the Discovery Comprehensive medical aid plan. Importantly, Discovery has been providing medical aid for over twenty years. And it has huge capital reserves which gives its members the peace of mind that the medical scheme will pay their claims.


Medical aids in South Africa

The Discovery comprehensive medical aid plan is one of thousands currently offered in South Africa. In addition, there are over eighty-five medical aid schemes providers all under the supervision of the Council for Medical Schemes. And Discovery Health medical aid is just one such scheme.

Many medical schemes aim at a specific market. For example, the Protea Medical Aid is for the student market. And others, like Liberty medical aid, Momentum medical aid, and Discovery medical aid through their Discovery comprehensive medical aid plan among others, aim to cater to the needs of people from all walks of life. And this they achieve by offering a wide selection of medical aids for all budgets and needs.


Discovery Health medical aid

Discovery is by far the largest of all the providers of medical aid in South Africa. So not only does Discovery operate medical schemes in South Africa including the Discovery comprehensive medical aid, they also provide this service in many other countries all over the world.Many believe that they provide the most secure and best private medical cove rin the country. Look at their financial status. Their market share of over 25%,and they have a solvency ratio of 23.41% and over R11 in reserves.

Discovery Comprehensive Medical AidDiscovery encourages its members, including those on the Discovery comprehensive medical aid, to keep themselves fit and healthy. This they aim to achieve through their Discovery Vitality reward scheme. By doing this they believe that their members will be healthier and have less cause to require medical services. As a member of this scheme you benefit too by having access to a variety of benefits and discounts. Details are on their website.

What Discovery comprehensive medical aid includes

The Discovery comprehensive medical aid plans are just some of the numerous Discovery medical aid plans which are available. And there are five different Discovery comprehensive medical aid plans among the Discovery medical aid options as shown below:

•    The Comprehensive Series

  • Classic
  • The Classic Delta
  • Classic Zero MSA
  • Essential and
  • Essential Delta

Some of the benefits provided by the Discovery comprehensive medical aidare as follows:

  • Private hospital cover is unlimited
  • Guaranteed payment of specialists
  • Provision of all chronic medicine is provided for.
  • Whether you are in South Africa or overseas, you have access to advanced medical care if required
  • And medical emergencies whilst travelling are covered


Therefore, before taking out any medical aid such as the Discovery comprehensive medical aid plan, it is recommended that you obtain quotations from at least three medical aid service providers.

For further information on Discovery comprehensive medical aid you can contact Discovery by phoning: 0860 99 88 77 or emailing

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