How to Join a Medical Aid

Many people have recognised the potential dangers of not having medical aid in South Africa. These medical aid schemes are designed to support the family’s healthcare. Here we will have a look at how to join a medical aid scheme.

There are many schemes, and they all offer different options. There are medical aid schemes in South Africa who have designed policies for people who use complementary therapies. This brings one to the question – how to join a medical aid like this?

Joining Online is an Easy 1,2,3 Process – How to Join a Medical Aid

How to Join a Medical AidJoining a medical aid in South Africa is no big deal – it is a straightforward process, particularly if you have a computer and the Internet – because then you do everything from your desk- or laptop.



  • You can go onto any of the major medical aids of South Africa, and you’ll find that they all have application-to-join forms so that you can become a member, and soon too, Before you even think of joining a medical aid scheme, you must choose one that is the most suitable to you.
  • Once you’ve identified some good medical aid schemes, request some quotes from each of them. If your first question is ‘howdo I even start comparing schemes; some excellent medical aid comparison sites allow you to compare medical aids side by side
  • You’ll be able to compare their rules, their waiting periods, their premiums, their exclusions as well as their terms and conditions of services.


When you join a medical aid scheme. You’ll have to make full disclosures –

  • How old you are
  • the age and status of your dependents
  • Some medical aids may want a full medical report from your doctor, or they may require a full medical examination. If you are lucky, the associated costs of this medical examination will be covered by a medical scheme, but don’t count on it.


You’ll discover in your search to join a medical scheme that there are –

  • Open medical aid schemes who accept all South Africans
  • restricted medical aid schemes which only take those who belong to a particular company.


The Application Form

When you join a medical aid scheme, you’ll see they require a complete application form as well as certain supporting documents when you sign up with them.

Some of these required documents include –

  • A certified copy of the main member’s ID documents
  • a certified copy of your last three bank statements
  • copies of your marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of all dependants. If your children are still students, proof of registration at these accredited tertiary institutions will be necessary
  • a membership certificate of commencement and termination dates to prove you belonged to another medical aid scheme – this is to avoid later joiner fees.


When the medical aid has received your application form and supporting documents, they send you an acceptance or ‘welcome’letter laying out the terms and conditions of services. Most times this is valid for 30 days.


GEMS is a restricted medical aid, and they say joining them is as easy as 1, 2, 3! We look at a typical way to join them get

  • an application form by downloading the form
  • you can also contact the GEMS Call Centre on 0860 00 4367. And you will need to follow the voice prompts. You can also SMS ‘, please call me’ on 083 450 4367 and an agent will call you back.
  • Also, you must complete the form, making sure you fill in all the sections
  • you can send the completed form and documents by faxing them, emailing them, posting them or dropping the forms off at the GEMS walk-in centre.


Many South Africans join a medical aid through their employment. We would all dearly love to belong to medical aid, but they’ve become just too expensive. Membership would certainly increase if contributions would just become more affordable for ordinary South Africans. Hopefully, now you have a more clear understanding on how to join a medical aid.

All info was correct at time of publishing