Medshield Medical Aid Fees

You can ensure that you have access to excellent healthcare if you are smart enough to select a good medical schemes. Medshield is a good one. Therefore, we list the Medshield medical aid fees below.

South Africa has many of these good medical aids of which Medshield is one. And this scheme has been offering their products and services to South Africans since 1968 and today they are one of the largest and most well established medical aid schemes in the country.

Medshield Medical Aid Fees

Medshield covers some 191 000 lives who rely on Medshield’s AA-Global credit rating to ensure they can pay out their claims. On the other hand, if you want to get medical aid quotes online, there are some medical aid scheme comparison sites.

Medshield Medical Aid Fees

With Medshiel, you can compare benefits and see what fees apply to those services and products. And for comprehensive information on each of these plans, check out Medshield’s website.

Medshield offers their members a good range of products, 7 in fact, and these are affordable. Significantly, they are meant to cater for different budgets. We look briefly at what each of these seven plans cost –


  • Good limited annual hospital cover, which is suited for single, healthy individuals.
  • The primary member pays R1 392, an adult dependent R1 209 and a child (max 3) R378.
  • And in-hospital benefits – unlimited – subject to sub-limits at 100%.
    day-to-day limits for member – R4 500.


  • For people who want comprehensive hospital cover.
  • The primary member will pay R3 708 per month.
  • Out of hospital day to day benefits – member – R8 690.
  • And in-hospital benefits – unlimited at 200% (Medshield’s Rate)chronic medicine – 26 PMBs and additional 54 conditions – R11 130 per beneficiary to a maximum of R22 260 per family.


  • The main member will pay a premium of R1767.
  • Day to day benefit – no benefit except specialised wellness and radiology benefits.
  • Chronic medicine – unlimited – DSP network and restrictive formulary.


  • Network-based, comprehensive plan.
  • The main member will pay R2 343.
  • Out of hospital day to day savings benefits – member – R5 616.
  • And in hospital benefits – unlimited at 100% of Medshield’s rate.


  • For low-income earners – Member: R2 343.
  • Out of hospital day to day benefits – Member – R5 616.
  • And in hospital benefits – unlimited, subject to sub-limits at 100% of Medshield’s Rate.


  • Day to day benefit for the main member – R6 310.
  • Chronic medicine benefit – R5 035per beneficiary per annum limited toR10 070per family per annum.


  • Member: R3 777.
  • Out of hospital day to day benefits – annual person savings account R10 656.
  • Chronic medicine benefit – R11 130 per beneficiary each year limited to R22 260 per family each year. Covers members for a network of private hospitals at 200% of the scheme’s rate.

A Company who Toes the Line

An important aspect when looking at Medshield medical aid fees is to look at their plans and the stability of the scheme. Importantly, Medshield has got four decades of stability and trustworthiness behind them in the industry.

They are represented in all nine provinces, have an excellent credit rating and have proved that their medical aid rates are worth a second look.

All info was correct at time of publishing