Catastrophe Benefit As Part of Sanlam Hospital Cover

The Sanlam hospital plan comes with an amazing range of benefits and is still affordable enough for the average South African. Here we will have a look at the Catastrophe benefit from Sanlam.

One of its many benefits is the Cashback plan which helps needy families stick to their budget, while not sacrificing medical coverage.

The Sanlam hospital plan is versatile, safe and is strong enough to get you through expensive health care problems like accidents or hospitalisation.

Sanlam hospital plans come with the following benefits.

  • Hospital cash benefits.
  • Catastrophic accident benefit.
  • Death benefit.
  • Loss of earnings benefit.
  • Cashback benefit.
  • Lifestyle diseases benefit.
  • Inflation safeguard.
  • Removal of premiums benefit.


Catastrophe Benefit

Main benefit of Sanlam Hospital Plans – Catastrophe Benefit

The biggest reason to sign up for a Sanlam Hospital plan is that you get a Hospital Cash Benefit.

No one wants to go to the hospital. But the reality of life is that one day you may be involved in an accident. Or become seriously ill or need an operation.

And this is the purpose of the cash benefit:

It’s to help you pay bills and support your family while you’re hospitalised and cannot work.

And what’s also nice about this benefit is that your spouse and children can also be covered if you choose.

If you sign them up then the benefit will be paid out whether you, your spouse or your children are hospitalised (And if you’re having an operation or in the ICU then the daily stipend will be increased by an additional 50%.)

The benefit also covers your family and you for three days of hospitalisation.

If you stay more than 20 days in the hospital, the loss of income benefit begins to pay out.


Other benefits of Sanlam Hospital Plans – Catastrophe Benefit

Sanlam Hospital Plans come with many additional benefits meant to help you financially survive health crises.

Sign up today, and you’ll receive the following amazing benefits:

  • Benefits in the event of death: Funerals can be very expensive. Not only that, dealing with the loss of a breadwinner can be even more difficult. This is the purpose of the death benefit. It will help your family pay for funeral expenses and deal with the loss of income they may experience in the event of your death.
  • Cash benefit: This is for people who do not use the plan. If you do not claim for 5 years, you will receive your premiums back in the form of cash.
  • Inflation Protector: This benefit protects you from annual premium increases. With this benefit, you have the option of paying only 5% or 10% of the increase.
  • No premium benefit: In the event of your death Sanlam will pay your premiums. It’s only applicable if the plan covers your entire family.


So the main difference between Sanlam and the rest of the hospital plans is that only Sanlam offers the cash payment options.

Most other medical aids (Such as Discovery, Fedhealth, Momentum and Bonitas) give you full cover while you’re in the hospital, but there is no cash payout.

All info was correct at time of publishing