Day 1 Health is South Africa’s newest hospital plan provider

Day 1 Health is South Africa’s latest health care provider. There are many benefits for signing up with them.

These include:

Up to 4 visits to the Doctor

You get to visit one of their registered health care providers up to 4 times without having to pay. After the 4th visit, you will have to co-pay R75 for extra visits. There is a one month waiting period for this benefit.

Access to family specialists

You get to see a registered family specialists. This benefit is covered R500 in treatment per year, and there is a six-month waiting period.

Day 1 HealthPharmacy benefits

You get access to whatever medication you need. It includes acute and chronic medicines. Please note you will have to wait six months before receiving chronic medication and twelve months for pre-existing conditions. There is also a 12 month waiting period for people older than 65.


You get access to their network of radiologists. This benefit covers black and white x-rays, and you will have to wait one month before being able to use it.


This benefit gives you access to a list of pathology tests plus diagnostic blood tests. Your test will be done by one of their registered pathologists, and there is a one month waiting period.

Basic Dentistry  

The dentistry benefit covers oral hygiene, pain management, fillings and root canals. All dentistry procedures are carried out by their registered dentists.

Eyesight benefits

You are entitled to an eye test and set of glasses every 24 months. Spec-Savers provide this benefit, and you are subject to a one month waiting period.

Out of network consultations

If you are unable to see one of the Doctors in Day 1 Health’s network, the plan allows for up to 3 visits with another Doctor each year.


Benefits of Day 1 Health’s Hospital Plan

Hospital benefits

You get R10,000 a day for your first three days in a hospital. After that, you’ll receive R1,500 a day for the next 21 days. Pre-existing conditions are excluded from this benefit.

Benefits for people with Dread Diseases

Benefits cover one diagnosis per family per year. You have coverage for up to R250,000, but there is one condition. You must agree to a medical exam, at your cost, carried out by a Day 1 Health physician.

Benefits for accidents

In the event of an accident, you will be paid up to R150,000 for every family member and R300,000 for every family involved in the incident. This benefit begins from the moment you sign up.

Benefits for when you die

If the principal member dies of accident or illness, their family will receive up to R10,000

Disability benefits

This benefit covers once off events and is the principal member only. You will receive up to R250,000. This benefit begins immediately.

Funeral benefits

You will get R10,000 for the principal member plus their spouse and any children under the age of 14. Children below six years will receive R5000, children less than a year old will get R2,500 and children less than 28 weeks will get R1,250.

Access to 24-hour ambulance services – Day 1 Health

You also get access to 24 hour medical and ambulance services provided by ER24. It also includes access to hospital admission.

All info was correct at time of publishing