Clientele Life Hospital Plan

What is Clientele all about?

This company has been in business for longer than twenty years and they have been the first to market their products directly to their potential members.

They claim that their extensive experience in the health insurance industry has put them in the ideal position to judge the market, to design the products most needed by most people and to provide the service that is necessary to make sure that members enjoy only the very best medical care when it is necessary.

Their attitude is that medical insurance is an investment much like any other investments that responsible people normally make, on par with short term insurance.

They believe that affordable medical aid should be available to everybody and their various products are designed to cater for every need and budget. They do not offer a great variety of plans, stating that Clientele Life Hospital Plansimplicity is in the interest of the consumer.


What does this medical scheme offer?

Clientele offers only two hospital plans. It is easy to argue that other companies offers a great variety of such plans but it is also true that such plans have very little to distinguish themselves from each other.

The very aim of a hospital plan is to provide cover to the member when calamity strikes and 3 when hospitalization becomes necessary. It is not designed to be a full medical aid that covers all sorts of procedures, chronic medications and day-to-day medical costs. Those products are different and they cost more money.



The limited benefits offered by these plans are meant for those people that cannot afford full cover or even those that do not think that they need more comprehensive cover. Hospital plans are named so for a very specific reason. They are meant to cover their members for emergencies and for instances where sudden procedures are necessary due to accidents and unforeseen occurrences. Clientele offers two basic hospital plans:


  • The Standard Clientele Life hospital plan starts with premiums of just one hundred rand per month. It will pay up to three thousand rand per day spent in hospital, but one from the third day of hospitalization. The policy is very basic, but maternity is included as well as accidental disability benefits. Diseases such as HIV are only covered if it is diagnosed after members have joined the company. In some cases a cash back bonus is paid after sixty premiums have been paid without a claim.
  • The Premium Clientele Life hospital plan is a little bit more expensive, but it pays up to five thousand rand per day spent in hospital, again only after the third day. It also covers treatment for dread diseased, excluding HIV if the condition is pre-existing. Accidental death and maternity benefits are part and parcel of the deal and the company offers a cash bonus after a sixty month claim-free period.



Clientele Life is a large company that boasts a healthy financial balance sheet. They comply with all the various laws governing these schemes and they claim to represent a large percentage of people that cannot afford full medical cover. Those in need of medical cover should always compare the offers of the various service providers, however.