Top 3 Medical Aids in South Africa

There are many choices available to a person who is trying to decide on a Medical Aid . Whilst it is advisable to consult the specialists, it is also useful to get a perspective on the options that three of South Africa’s top medical aids have on offer. So here, we will list the details for the top 3 medical aids in South Africa.

Discovery Medical Aid is one of the top 3 medical aids

  • Number of members: 1.14 million
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 2.46 million
  • Average age: 32.95 years
  • Global rating: AA+
  • Solvency Rating: 23.41

Discovery  options:

Classic Comprehensive

Top 3 Medical Aids The top of the range plans. Comprehensive in Hospital and Day to Day benefits. And this includes access to specialised medical care. And they offer feimbursements at the highest rates.

Classic Priority Plan

This is the next level down from the Comprehensive Plan. Importantly, it offers some additional funding for GP consultations Maternity benefits and blood tests over the Saver Plan. Most popular of all the Discovery plans. Cost Effective in Hospital Day to Day Benefits

Classic Saver Plan

Economical in Hospital Day to Day benefits. This offers a basic hospital only plan as well as a savings option from which some day to day benefits may be paid out.

Within each of these broadly grouped Plans are further options which cover a wide variety of personal circumstances and tailor made for most budgets.

Vitality Programme

Discovery also offers an additional programme which rewards members for taking preventative health measures like annual check-ups and utilising gyms.

Bonitas Medical Aid

  • Number of members:273,285
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 602,415
  • Average Age: 31.4 years
  • Global rating : AA-
  • Solvency Rating: 35.9 %

Bonita’s options:

Traditional Medical Aids:

  • Standard
  • Standard Select
  • Primary

Medical Aids with Medical Savings Plans

  • Bon Comprehensive
  • The Bon Classic
  • Bon save
  • Bon fit


Hospital only Plans

  • Bon Essential
  • Hospital Standard
  • Hospital Plus.


Bonitas do not offer an incentive programme. However, they do offer membership cover for young adults up to 24 years of age included under their parent’s family plan.

Momentum Health

  • Number of members:100,396
  • Number of Beneficiaries: 200,036
  • Average Age: 33.08 years
  • Global rating : AA-
  • Solvency Rating: 28.6 %

Momentum Health options:

  • Ingwe Plan – Entry level lowest tier. Premiums are based on monthly income.
  • Access Plan
  • Custom Plan
  • Incentive Plan
  • Extended Plan
  • Summit Plan. – Highest Level Plan is offering comprehensive in hospital benefits and day to day.


Momentum Multiply

A wellness and rewards programme.

Momentum Health Returns to the top 3 medical aids

A programme which offers cash back to members who are rewarded for taking measures to be as healthy as possible.

It is certainly worth looking closely at the options that these top schemes offer. There are of course many other schemes in South Africa who offer products that are as comprehensive as these three schemes.

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