Medical Aid Increases in 2017

Inflation is a reality and costs go up every year. This year it is expected that medical aid costs will see medical aid increases in 2017 of 7% to 18%, depending on the provider and the plan that you are on.

With all other cost going up all the time, many people consider downgrading or doing away with their medical aid completely.

Before you do this, wait. There are solutions.

Why is Medical Aid So Expensive?

The 2017 Medical aid increases are as a result of the following:

The weak rand has resulted in medical supplies and consumables being more expensive

Private hospital tariffs have gone up significantly

Stress and malnutrition has resulted in more people being sick

There is a shortage of specialists and many have increased their prices

Medical Aid Increases in 2017

People with existing poor health that join a medical aid

Possible Solution to Medical Aid Increases in 2017

Many South Africans are looking to medical gap cover in order to cover medical costs.

It works as follows:

Take out an affordable medical aid plan, one of the less expensive options.

2017 Medical Aid Increases

The plan does not have to be one of the top of the range, fully comprehensive options. There are a number of more affordable options from the likes of Discovery or Genesis, amongst others.

Important: It is essential that you medical plan is a medical aid registered with the Council for Medical Schemes.

There are a number of options, a few are:





Liberty Health

Take out Medical Gap Cover to complement your medical aid.

As soon as your reasonably priced medical aid is in place, obtain a medical gap cover quote or several quotes from one the medical gap cover insurance companies.

A few examples:

  • Old Mutual
  • Sanlam
  • Zestlife
  • Talk sure
  • Stratum
  • Discovery


Preferably speak to a broker and advise them of the medical aid you selected as well as the plan that you opted for.

Do you research and read the conditions but you should find that the combination will offer you good cover despite the lower medical aid package you selected.

Gap cover will provide funds to cover the shortfall between your medical aid payout and the actual costs for specialist and hospital fees. To get a free gap cover quote, go here.


All info was correct at time of publishing