Medical Cover Quotes Online

Medical cover quotes online are now much easier to get, thanks to the internet. All you need to do is fill out this form and hit “submit”. You will then receive an email with different quotes formatted for you to make easy comparisons.

Or you will get a phone call from one of our consultants to discuss with you your specific needs and which scheme or plan suits you best. If you wish to find out about gap covers, they can send information to you.

Medical Cover Quotes Online

As you examine the differences between different medical funds, you must bear in mind that two types of health cover are available to South Africans:

1.    Medical Aid Schemes: Government legislation regulates medical aid schemes. The Council for Medical Schemes oversees all these schemes and every one of them must register with this body to operate legally. Medical funds must offer their members a list of minimum benefits. This list contains about 300 conditions, over 20 of which are chronic, and medical aids must cover these. Thanks to schemes such as Momentum, Genesis and Discovery, South Africans of all walks and occupations can access complete hospital and medical plans. But you may not be a member of two such schemes simultaneously.

2.    Insurance Firms: Insurance firms such as Old Mutual and Clièntele do not fall under the Medical Schemes Act and, as such, do not have to offer the minimum benefits discussed earlier. As you seek quotes for a hospital plan from such companies you should know that they are not obliged to cover the list of ailments contained in the PMB. Insurance companies are business enterprises out for profit. Bear this in mind.

How do I assess medical scheme quotes online?

There are a number of considerations that you should have at your fingertips when assessing the pros and cons of different medical funds.

Kind of medical scheme: You need to be aware that there are two kinds of medical schemes in South Africa. The first is open schemes for which any South African can sign up. Bonitas medical fund is one of the more prominent of these. Discovery is another, as is Genesis medical scheme. These schemes offer innovative packages aimed at benefiting as large a cross-section of the population as possible. Restricted schemes, also known as closed medical aid schemes, are offered only to specific industries, trades or professions. In some cases they are offered only to a particular company. Bankmed is an example of this kind of scheme as it serves specifically the banking industry.

Medical Cover Quotes Online

Hospital Plan: Major open medical schemes offer you some superb hospital plans; just check out what Momentum, Bonitas and other such schemes have to offer. This is why you should become a member of a medical scheme rather than sign up with an insurance company. The fact that you are provided with a huge number of benefits as listed in the PMBs list should be enough to convince you.

Medical Cover Quotes Online

Coastal residents: Living within the vicinity of the South African coastline qualifies you for some great deals. You need to find out from the medical schemes what discounts you are eligible for. The reasoning behind this is that people living in coastal regions have been found to be generally healthier than those living elsewhere.

Expectant mothers: In order to be on the covered side, anyone planning to have a child or start a family needs to sign up for medical aid early. Early here means at least 12 months before the child is born. This is because most schemes have a one-year waiting period before they will cover pre- and post-natal healthcare costs. But if you sign up while you or your partner is pregnant, post-natal costs will still be catered for.


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