Discovery Health Hospital Plans

You have many different plans to choose from if you join Discovery Health hospital plans. They have 17 plans that suit a range of pockets. Whether you are on a very low income, or on a very comfortable one, there is something to suit you.

Discovery Health Hospital PlansWith Discovery Health hospital cover you can choose from hospital-only benefits, or hospital plus out-of-hospital benefits.

Using the hospital benefits for which you have signed up is easy. All you have to do is contact Discovery to get approval, once you know that you will have to go to hospital or as soon as possible after you are admitted.

Discovery Health Hospital Plans

With most hospital-only benefits, you will receive these benefits:

•    Payment of your initial days you are in hospital – for instance, most Core plans are up to 90 days.
•    Care when you are hospitalised for specified ongoing illnesses.
•    Medication from our approved list when you are in hospital, including for specified chronic conditions.
•    Care from specialists, and from other health care professionals, at different rates up to 300% of the Discovery rate.
•    Cover of HIV related problems, including immediate treatment as a result of trauma, occupational hazard or sexual violence.
•    Different tests and screening like x-rays, colonoscopies and gastroscopies. Note, in specified instances you will pay part of these fees.
•    Birthing and baby care up to twelve months on some plans.

Various Plans

For some plans, you will need to use Discovery’s excellent KeyCare network of hospitals, pharmacies, GPs and other professionals. Some of Discovery’s other plans, including Discovery Health Executive Plan, allow you to use any service, including private hospitals and private wards.

Discovery Health hospital plans have great value because they have fixed-rate agreements with each hospital, as well as pharmacies, GPs and other professionals.

Another feature is being able to get emergency services when you need them, both in South Africa and in several other African countries. This can include medicopters or land-based vehicles staffed with specialist emergency professionals, medications and equipment.

Discovery Health has a hospital plan specifically for those of you living on the coast, where you can use coastal hospitals and get excellent value benefits.

With Discovery, you can save out-of-hospital costs once you are home, including medicines from a pharmacy. You can get up to 25% back on schedule 1 and 2 medicines and Dis-Chem items for ongoing conditions.


Discovery Health gives you tools to get the most out of your health plan. You can use the Discovery app and their website for this.

Choose Discovery Health, or feel free to check out another registered medical aid scheme to compare the value they provide.

Note: It’s important for you to know that medical aid schemes are always preferable to an insurance company.

In South Africa the Medical Schemes Act makes sure that Discovery offers hospital care  and a long list of Prescribed Minimum Benefits for over 300 conditions, including 27 ongoing illnesses. That’s what makes Discovery Health hospital plans so attractive.


All info was correct at time of publishing