Discovery Hospital Plan Overview

The Discovery hospital plan is a widely used hospital cover in South Africa. If you are looking for an affordable hospital plan, you should consider buying any of the Discovery health hospital plans.

Discovery hospital plans are provided by Discovery, which is a giant health insurance company in South Africa.

Like all medical schemes, Discovery offers various kinds of health cover to South Africans.

The medical aid aims at making South Africans healthy. They want to improve the quality of their lives by providing them with various kinds of quality hospital plans.

Discovery Hospital PlanHowever, it also offers other types of insurance policies like car insurance and life insurance policies.

Discovery Hospital Plan and a Lot More

Discovery has a wide range of health hospital plans designed to meet the need of various individuals.

No matter what your medical care need is, there is a Discovery health hospital plan that will satisfy it. There are basic healthcare plans as well as comprehensive plans.

Six Plans from Discovery

Discovery hospital plan is divided into 6, namely, Executive, Comprehensive, Priority, Saver, Core and KeyCare plans.

  • The Executive Plan provides unlimited hospital cover including specialist’s hospital, medical emergencies and full cover for chronic medicine. The plan also includes additional cover for GP consultation fees, blood tests and preferred medicine. It also covers durable external medical items and maternity costs. Other cover included in the plan are trauma recovery extender, medical savings accounts, screen and prevention benefits and others.


  • The Comprehensive Series also provides unlimited private and specialist’s hospital cover, covers for chronic medication for all CDL conditions and medical emergencies for travelling. The plan also comes with additional cover for GP consultation fees and blood tests. It includes some durable external medical items, preferred medicine and maternity costs.


  • The Priority Series of Discovery hospital plan products comes with unlimited cover in any private hospital and full cover for specialist’s hospital and chronic medicine for all CDL chronic conditions. Medical emergencies travelling cover, additional cover for blood tests, GP consultation fees, some durable external medical items and maternity costs are provided as well.

Affordable Plans

  • In the Saver Series, Discovery provides full cover for private hospital, specialist’s hospital on-payment arrangement, travelling medical emergencies, chronic medications for all CDL conditions and additional cover for maternity costs and GP consultation fees.


  • The Core Series also includes unlimited private hospital, coverage for travelling medical emergencies, comprehensive cover for chronic medication of all CDL chronic conditions and guaranteed payment for specialist’s hospital services.


  • The KeyCare Plan is the last in the medical plans of Discovery. This plan provides unlimited hospital coverage in the hospital networks of KeyCare. There is also unlimited coverage for blood tests, GP consultations, medication and X-rays. The plan comes with essential coverage for chronic medications listed on the medicine list of KeyCare for all CDL chronic conditions.

Besides the Discovery hospital plan, Discovery has a health medical scheme which is managed by the largest South African private health care funder, Discovery Health (Pty) Ltd. The independent Board of Trustees governs the scheme on behalf of the members. The scheme complies with all aspects of the Scheme’s governance as required by the No. 131 of 1998 Medical Schemes Act.

All info was correct at time of publishing