Bonitas medical scheme is one of the biggest medical aid schemes in South Africa. Therefore, with a wide range of medical aid options available, it is good to review them all. Firstly, we will take a look at the Bon Essential Bonita Hospital plan.

The Bon Essential Bonita Hospital Plan:


  • The Bon Essential plan is a basic hospital plan that significantly provides in-hospital cover at any private hospital.
  • The plan has an unlimited overall annual limit.
  • Unlimited GP, specialist and pathology benefits in-hospital.
  • Unlimited paramedical services in-hospital and
  • Limited take home medication per hospitalization case.

Other in-hospital benefits:

1.    Oncology
2.    Renal dialysis chronic
3.    Organ transplants
4.    Maxilla-facial surgery
5.    Physical rehabilitation
6.    Mental health
7.    Alternatives to hospitalization

26 chronic conditions covered as stated by the prescribed minimum benefits list.

Also this plan has no day-to-day benefits and covers for in-hospital treatment only.


Additional benefits:

  1. Maternity benefit that consists of 6 antenatal visits, 2 scans and 4 postnatal visits.
  2. Immune deficiency benefit related to HIV/AIDS. Requires registration for the benefit.
  3. Emergency medical transportation.
  4. Prosthesis for prescribed minimum benefits only.
  5. 1 HIV test and flu vaccination per beneficiary per annum.
  6. Infant paediatric benefit that consists of 2 consultations before the age of one and one consultation in the following year.
  7. Childhood illness benefit; 1 GP consultation per year from the ages of 2 to 12 years.

Bon Cap

bonita hospital planBonita Hospital plan has another hospital network option called the BonCap option. This option costs less but in return you will receive limited hospital cover plus additional day-to-day cover at a network-based GP.

Even though standard hospital plans cost more that network plans it is still an affordable medical aid option. With a network option, you might have added day-to-day benefits but those are limited per annum and to network service providers. Non-network options have better benefits in any private hospital, but you will not receive any day-to-day benefits.

Bonita Hospital Plan

Choosing between a network and non-network medical aid might be difficult. However, the best factors to base your choice on are the distance between your nearest network hospital and the hospital closest to your place of residence.

That is because in an emergency the time you spend on travelling might be crucial to your survival and timely treatment. And you should also consider your additional medical needs as well. Importantly, network plans offer some day-to-day cover that standard plans will not always offer.

Remember this: network options might be cheaper but the medical care you receive will still be the same, but only the place you receive the care will differ.

So between the two Bonita Hospital plan options you will be able to find a medical aid plan that suits your needs and your pocket.

All info was correct at time of publishing