Resolution Health Medical aid

Resolution Health Medical Aid is one of the more affordable medical aids in South Africa and is ranked one of the top ten largest in South Africa as well. Although they only have five medical plans to choose from, their prices are good and start from R998,00 for a single person, R1831,00 per couple and R2543,00 for a family of four.

These prices are, of course, for the entry level plan and you will pay around R2712,00 single, R5349,00 couple and R6737,00 for a family of four on the Comprehensive plans.

Together with these plans Resolution medical aid has a Loyalty and Wellness Programme called Zurreal4life to which members have free access to, no matter what the plan you choose. Although Zurreal4life is on offer for all its members, Zurreal4life is not part of the medical aid.


Steps to finding the right plan for you


Finding the right medical option for you and your family can be a daunting task but fear not, there is always help at hand. Most medical aid schemes have wonderful web sites that you can go and look at and Resolution Health Medical Aidthe most necessary information is at hand for you to peruse in the comfort of your own home and at your leisure.

Should you not understand all the terminology, there are always consultants at the various companies that will talk you through any problems you might be experiencing or give you the advice you are looking for as to what plan would best suite you and your pocket.

Many companies make use of a medical aid broker who will come to the company and explain all the details to employees that need to make use of the company medical aid on commencement of employment with the company. For individuals, websites are a great source of information and very user friendly.


Choosing the right medical company


There is a lot of confusing information when it comes to choosing a medical plan and also when it comes to choosing the right medical company that will be best for you as well.

The best plan of action is to start by reviewing what you needs are, second, establish an amount that will fit into your budget. Once that is done, obtain medical aid quotes from the companies that have all that you are looking for and then the choice is up to you.


What plans does Resolution offer


Resolution offers the following plans and full details of each plan are on offer on their website:

  • Hospital option – this option is ideal for individuals who do not have large day-to-day medical expenses or who are healthy and still young.
  • Progressive Flex option – This option is great for the young family or couples starting out with a good equilibrium for both hospitalisation and everyday medical coverage.
  • Classic option – Most classic options give individuals the best value, affordability and coverage for those who prefer first-rate plans
  • Supreme option – For those needing widespread coverage with higher than normal benefits, the Supreme option is the one to go for.
  • Millennium option – for individuals with predominantly high day-to-day expenses, this plan has a medical savings plan and an above threshold benefit which includes chronic cover and complete in-hospital cover as well.