Clientele Hospital Plan

What is a Clientele Hospital Plan?

The Clientele hospital plan is only one of many products from this large and well-respected company.

They form part of a very large conglomerate of companies and they far exceed the rigid specifications set out in the laws that govern medical aid schemes in South Africa.

The represent a large number of people and they have a reputation for honoring their commitments to their members.

Different Clientele Hospital Plan Packages

Clientele has a number of packages that allow every individual or family to make sure that they would be able to afford the very best medical care when necessary.

Clientele Hospital PlanThe company, like all others in this industry, recognizes the fact that there are many millions of people that simply cannot afford the high premiums of full medical cover. They have therefore also designed a few plans that offer people the type of hospital insurance that becomes vital when emergencies occur.

Many cynics argue that all hospital plans are similar, but this company has strived to provide services that are unique and catered towards the specific needs of their members.

What are the plans on offer?

This medical scheme offers two major hospital plans. Their argument is that companies that offer a myriad of options achieve nothing less than confusion. They say that they aim to simplify matters and that their plans are clear, easily understood and simple. As far as their hospital plans go, they offer the following:

  • The Standard Clientele hospital plan offers members premiums starting at an astonishingly low premium of one hundred rand. This plan will pay up to three thousand rand for each day spent in hospital, but only from the third day onwards. Clientele Life offers cash back bonuses if the member makes no claims after sixty payments. The plan covers pre-existing conditions, but not HIV related illnesses. However, maternity and accidental conditions are fully covered.
  • The Premium Clientele Life hospital plan is also very affordable. It pays up to five thousand rand per day of hospitalization, but also only after the third day of hospitalization. However, the benefits here include cover for accidental death and most dread diseases. Diseases such as HIV will only be covered if it is contracted after the policy has been in existence for some time. As with their other plan, a cash back bonus is paid if no claim is made after sixty payments.


There can be little doubt that this company is financially viable and that their products are popular. However, most thinking people will regard their hospital plans as uncompetitive. It is an unfortunate fact that most South Africans are not able to afford full medical cover. They are dependent upon hospital plans or even state health.

Getting a policy for emergency medical aid is an important decision. Comparing the various products offered by the many companies that compete in this arena is not easy. Consumers should take the trouble and time to conduct research and to ask questions before making any final decision.

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