The best medical aid plan you can get is Bestmed Medical Aid.

December 27, 2012

Bestmed medical aid is a popular scheme that often appears in the top medical aid searches. The scheme has 9 plans from basic hospital cover to comprehensive cover.

Bestmed’s mission is to “run a caring non-profit scheme” and look after the interests of its members. They manage the scheme ethically and build good relations with interest groups using expert employees and first-class technology.

Bestmed medical Aid and Their range of Plans –

The Beat Range

A great plan for people who want simple hospital plans. There are three options within the plan:

  • Beat 1 is for healthy younger members who take care of their health. The plan offers full in-hospital cover in case of an emergency. The plan also provides cover for oral contraceptives and flu vaccines.
  • Beat 2 for members who are careful to prevent illness. Therefore, the plan includes flu Bestmed Medical Aidvaccines, contraceptives and immunisation. It offers extensive hospital and chronic disease medication cover. Good for small families.
  • Beat 3 is a good option if you want to start a family and need a plan with maternity benefits. It also covers a wide range of hospital benefits as well as cover for chronic medication.

The Pace Range

This is a full hospital plan with added funds as well as further savings. This allows members to manage day-to-day and out-of-hospital expenses. There are 4 options within the Pace range:

  • Pace 1 suits healthy members who are in the process of growing their family. The plan offers a hospital plan along with a day-to-day cover and preventative care such as PAP smears, HIV tests and various vaccines. There is also cover for chronic medication.
  • Pace 2 is for established families and includes an amount of day-to-day cover and the option to choose doctors and specialists. There are also out-of-hospital benefits and cover for various chronic conditions.
  • Pace 3 for the mature family who requires a bit more medical attention. Therefore, the plan includes cover for chronic diseases and hospitalisation. Further, the plan has a day-to-day medical cover that won’t affect your savings account.
  • Pace 4 a great comprehensive plan for older families who may have above average medical costs. Pace 4 offers the security of extra benefits for a stay in hospital, chronic diseases, day-to-day care as well as preventative care.

The Pulse Range

The Pulse range provides full hospital benefits along with other out-of-hospital benefits from chosen network providers. There are 2 options:

  • Pulse 1 provides the benefit of all-inclusive hospital cover as well as full day-to-day benefits. The plan provides travel cover, GP consultations, chronic medication and wellness management programs.
  • Pulse 2 offers an extensive cover with a network option which covers both in and out-of-hospital costs including medicines. Flu vaccinations and paediatric immunisation are also included.


As you can see, Bestmed medical aid offers a variety of plans for all needs and budgets.

All info was correct at time of publishing