Spectramed Medical Aid

With an array of medical aids in the country, it can be difficult choosing the right plant for you. From hospital plans to comprehensive cover the choices can seem endless so knowing what your needs and budget are, are a great way to start.

Spectramed medical aid is a medical aid that offers traditional and savings medical schemes and depending on the benefit you choose, some day-to-day benefits are applicable from a savings account and some will be paid from a Benefit Boosterâ„¢.  The scheme provides a variety of cover to suit its members’ needs and offers 5 different healthcare plans.


Spectra Cobalt

This plan offers comprehensive cover comprising a general hospital plan along with day-to-day medical Spectramed Medical Aidexpenses. When it comes to the hospital benefit, there is an unlimited overall annual limit and all instances of hospitalisation will need to be authorised.

The plan further provides cover for major medical benefits and once again pre-authorisation is required. Oncology treatments will additionally require registration with a third-party service provider.

HIV/AIDS treatment and management program is available on the Cobalt plan and all Prescribed Minimum Benefits are covered.

Cobalt offers cover for chronic medication as long as members are registered for the Chronic Disease List.


Spectra Azure

This Spectramed medical aid option provides unlimited in-hospital cover along with dentistry and more day-to-day expenses. It is an affordable plan for young families and members who are healthy and don’t necessarily require chronic cover. The plan also offers the Benefit Booster that includes:

  • Screening benefits
  • Specialized dentistry
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Treatment for alcohol and substance abuse and associated conditions.


The Benefit further offers 1 test per member per year for:

  • Cholesterol
  • Glucose
  • Blood pressure
  • Pap smear

Dentistry is also included for crowns, plastic dentures, implants and orthodontics as well as a few other treatments.


Spectra Aqua

This is a straightforward hospital plan for people who are generally healthy but want peace of mind in case of emergencies. All instances of hospitalisation do need to be authorised and all in-hospital benefits will be covered.

Should members require anti-rejection medication they will need to use the Spectra Vital Formulary and medicine can only be obtained from a Dedicated Service Provider for co-payments not to apply.

All Prescribed Minimum Benefits are covered as long as a Designated Service Provider is used and treatment must be voluntary.


Spectra Cyan

Spectra Cyan offers cover for members extending from hospital to day-to-day expenses. This plan offers a savings account that can be used by members to fund certain day-to-day medical expenses.

The account is funded annually and should it deplete before the end of a year then a member will be liable for additional expenses. Unused funds are carried over to the following year and should members terminate their membership then unused funds are paid out five months after termination.


Spectra Capri

This Spectramed medical aid plan is aimed at healthy members who care about their wellbeing and provides a variety of in and out-of-hospital cover.

Like most schemes and plans, waiting periods may be imposed for up to three months for new members and should members have a pre-existing condition when joining a 12 month waiting period may apply.