Discovery HIV Aids Approach to Care

HIV/Aids in South Africa is a major health concern. South Africa has the highest prevalence of Aids compared to any other country in the world. Recent figures suggest that there are about  5,6 million people living with HIV. Certainly there are thousands of deaths recorded each year. Sexually transmitted infections and poverty are just some of the reasons which contribute to the spread of the disease. That is why there is a Discovery HIV Aids plan for members living with HIV/Aids.

South African medical aids, including Discovery Health, have a legal obligation to provide prescribed minimum benefits covering HIV/Aids. The HIV/Aids healthcare team of Discovery respects your right to privacy. They treat all their HIV queries with the strictest confidentiality.  Many of these  medical aids also offer supplementary benefits that include cover for HIV tests as well as limited cover for immune deficiencies related to HIV infection.

Discovery HIV Aids – Join a Medical Aid – But Declare your HIV Status

Comprehensive disease management programmes which are often free of charge are very helpful for those members living with HIV/Aids. The programmes provide an integrated approach to HIV management, giving member the resources they may require to live healthy lives.

Discovery HIV AidsIf you join a medical aid and you have HIV/Aids, then you have to declare this status to them and join the programme that offers benefits geared to AIV/Aids patients such as anti-retrovirals to treat the disease, access to a network of specialised HIV/Aid health care professional and access to a 24/7 helpline.

Discovery HIV Aids – What is Discovery Health’s Attitude to HIV/Aids?

Let’s look and see what level of cover is provided by Discovery Health. They are South Africa’s biggest medical aid. Discovery has more than 2.6 million members and also the highest possible credit rating -AA+, for their ability to pay claims.

  • All of Discovery’s health plans – from the entry level KeyCare Series right up to their high end Executive Plan offer unlimited PMB cover for HIV/Aids medications to prevent mother-to-child transmission.
  • Members of the HIV/Care programme will be able to benefit from excellent cover as well as cover for infant formula and medications so as to prevent mother-to-child transmission. They also have access to a limited number of blood tests and consultations. In fact registered members get 4 consultations as well as one specialist’s consultation for the year.
  • You can also add chronic illness benefits made up of cover for treatment based on PNB guidelines and access to the Care Programme. Members are able to benefit from hospital cover with no overall limit. Accidental exposure to HIV/Aids because of rape for instance is also covered in full.


Discovery HIV Aids – Get the Best Treatment Possible

Discovery HIV Aids CareHIV/Aids is a serious illness and you want to get the best treatment possible. With Discovery Health that means registering on the HIV Care Programme to benefit from all the programme offers. You can call them on on 0860 99 88 to register.

You have to abide by the rules as laid down by Discovery. For instance you must use approved medicine on their medicine list, otherwise you will find that Discovery doesn’t cover unproven or unregistered treatments or practices.

For the many HIV/Aids sufferers, they can give thanks that leading medical schemes such as Discovery Health are providing extensive coverage of HIV plus useful support services including testing, information and counselling.


All info was correct at time of publishing