Essential Med – Is It a Medical Aid or Health Insurance

Is EssentialMed a Medical Scheme?

  1. No, it’s health insurance but their EssentialMed Gap Cover can supplement your medical aid policy
  2. It isn’t governed by the Council for Medical Schemes but rather by the Long- and short term Insurance Act
  3. The EssentialMed Hospital plan pays out a cash benefit for every day you spend in hospital
  4. You can receive as much as R6500 per day
  5. Health insurance plans are half as cheap as medical aids
  6. Essential Med is a long-term insurance policy and with affordable health cover from them, you will be empowered with affordable health cover needed to lead a healthy, stress-free life.


Medical aid members thinking of quitting during 2018 because of the soaring monthly premiums are looking at EssentialMed with new interest. This is because they’re an affordable medical insurance product giving you access to quality medical cover.

Tailored Health Cover from EssentialMed

EssentialMed likes to let their clients know that they’ve got cover for them that is as unique as they are. They allow their customers to actually choose the benefits they need so that they don’t end up paying for ‘benefits’ they don’t want or need. In other words, clients have full control over what health care they have for themselves.

Some of the benefits you can expect from EssentialMed –

  • insurance rates starting at below R350 a month
  • day-to-day benefits for pre-paid preventative healthcare services
  • emergency and casualty visits
  • death benefits
  • maternity hospitalisation
  • accident hospitalisation cover up to R400 000 per incident
  • HIV / Aids benefits


Essential Med is run by reasonable people. They don’t tell people to resign from their medical aids and invest in health insurance. They say you should never replace your medical aid for an insurance plan just because its cheaper.

EssentialMedHealth insurance can never offer the same comprehensive benefits you enjoy with medical aid but it can supplement it’s shortfalls.

People who are no longer willing to battle with the high premiums of medical aid are looking at Essential Med as a means of providing cheap, quality private health care to those who can no longer afford medical aid.

Essential Med offers health cover for all seasons of your life.

Essential Med offers their Basic Essential Med plan, their Balance, Boost and 55 Plus Plan. They also offer their Essential Med Student Plan for only R206 a month. Then for single parents, you can also get medical cover from R445 per month. This cover offers the basic day-to-day benefits and hospital cover for both the single parent and the child.

EssentialMed – a Superb Enhancement to your Medical Aid

No matter how excellent health cover is from Essential Med, it is important to keep in mind that a health insurance policy is never going to offer the same amount of cover that a medical aid does. However, for cash strapped South Africans stressing about their healthcare needs, health insurance is a sensible means to benefit from quality private healthcare.

Essential Med is a wonderful complementary product to your regular medical aid. It can take care of those shortfalls in payouts from medical aids that you would have to pay and which would otherwise leave you financially ruined.


All info was correct at time of publishing