Why You Should Not Cancel Your Medical Aid

Why is Cancelling My Medical Aid a Bad Idea?

  1. Cancelling your medical aid outright has negative consequences
  2. Cancelling leaves you with no medical cover at all and a basic operation can set you back thousands of Rands from your own pocket
  3. Medical care from a state hospital is so limited, your family may have the additional cost of planning a funeral for you instead
  4. With private medical care, you’ll be liable for medical bills of thousands of Rands
  5. Emergency medical bills can add up to far more than a life time of medical aid premiums
  6. If you cancel and want to be re-instated, there will be a waiting period as a new member, and you spend a lot of money on premiums, but with no cover

The economic down-turn is being felt worldwide and South Africans are seriously looking for even more ways where they can cut back and have more money available to them.

Medical Aid Premiums – a Grudge Purchase

Many people have already cancelled some luxury items to boost their household budget. Their medical aid policies are the next to go because they require monthly payments with no immediate, tangible return. For people who are young or Cancelling Medical Aidhealthy, this is a very tempting option. Decisions like this, may well be beneficial short term, but can turn out to be super costly in the longer term.

Medical Aid – Needed for the Unexpected!

A medical emergency can strike at any time and with anyone – young or old, male or female, healthy or sick. A car accident can happen in the twinkling of an eye and leave you with severe medical injuries and a lifetime of rehabilitative care.

But what is the solution then if medical aid is simply becoming too much to afford? What if the medical scheme you belong to doesn’t offer any other option? There are some steps you can take keep your medical aid costs as low as possible:

  • Try to keep as healthy as you can
  • Use doctors who are part of the medical aid network
  • Review your medical aid against what other schemes offer

The No-Medical Jargon Medical Scheme with Options

Selfmed is a South African medical scheme. People wanting to make changes with their medical aid look at them as a worthwhile option. The medical aid offers several different plans which include hospital plans and comprehensive plans. Their MEDXXI hospital option for instance offers no annual hospital limit, covering services in hospital at 100% of MSR rates so that the you pay just R1450 a month.

Forget about cancelling

Even a basic hospital plan can take care of a lot of your expenses when you find yourself in hospital. Contrary to general public perception that all medical scheme options are way too expensive, there are medical schemes which offer affordable options to suit all kinds of members and their needs.

Yes, there are many medical aid options available to you but they aren’t all the same by any means. If you’re looking for a new medical scheme to substitute your current one, remember to checkout Selfmed first. They’re known for their affordability and simplicity, because in 2017, that’s basically all people are looking for.

All info was correct at time of publishing