Discovery Personal Health Programme

Discovery Health has some very thought out and essential  Discovery Personal Health Programmes. These have been set up for different lifestyles. They are meant to help you, along with the assistance of your Premier Practice doctor, to manage your chronic conditions so that you become healthier. If you are a member of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme and you are registered on the Chronic Illness Benefit, then you are a candidate for a Discovery Personal Health Programme.

Discovery Personal Health Programme – Motivation all the Way

Discovery Personal Health ProgrammesYour specific Personal Health Programme chosen by yourself will set you on the pathway to better health. Each of the programmes makes use of the latest in clinical recommendations and also research. These are designed so that members stay motivated and committed to improve their health. This is because these health programmes unlock  valuable information. Services such as biokineticists and dieticians, etc. that you might need as part of our healthcare will be in place for you – and all this to manage and monitor your health better.

Discovery Personal Health Programme – The programmes

If you are someone suffering from diabetes or a heart condition, you will find two great Personal Health Programmes. One of the programmes is called Healthy Heart. This is a 48-week programme. The 48 weeks are broken up into 4 x 12 programmes with start and end dates for you to manage.

The other programme is called Manage Diabetes. This too, is a 48 week programme, also broken up in 4 x 12 week programmes with start and end dates. Joining these programmes will enable you to get access to regular screenings that will be required, plus check-ups, reminders, tips, etc. You will be able to see a biokineticist 3 times to follow a fitness schedule. You will also be able to see a dietician 3 times to get tips on healthier eating habits.

Clinical support as well as health care professional intervention will be available to make sure you are effectively monitored and controlled for improved health. The programmes are certified by Discovery in-house medical experts.

If you are not Discovery Vitality member, you can only join these programmes through your Premier Practice GP.

Discovery Personal Health Programme – How to Join

Should you be registered on Discovery’s Chronic Illness Benefit, then you can log on to your Discovery profile. Look out for the Personal Health Programme button on the ‘My Discovery’ page. Members who are on Discovery Vitality, but who are not registered on the Chronic Illness Benefit will be able to access Personal Health Programmes. They just need to log on to their Discovery Vitality profiles. Those members who don’t have online Discovery profiles just need to register.

Discovery Health Medical Scheme’s revolutionary new Personal Health Programmes are set to change the way their medical scheme members manage their diabetes and heart health.

Discovery Personal Health Programme – To Good Health!

If you are 18 years old or older and you are registered on the Chronic Illness Benefit because you either have Diabetes type 1 and type 2, Hypertension, Hyperlipidaemia or Ischaemic heart disease, you can complete a programme. If you have more than one condition, you need to first finish one programme before you can start the next. Here’s to good health!