Medical Scheme Choice Can Pose Difficulties for South Africans

GTC Healthcare Consulting recently released the 2015 Medical Aid Survey. The study highlighted the profound complexities within medical scheme choice and structures. These can be difficult for consumers to decipher in order to make a decision on which scheme best suits their needs.

The report, which compares offerings from 19 open medical schemes, offers basic comparisons between the selected providers. However, due to the complexities of the various medical scheme offerings available – such as rewards or benefit programmes – direct comparison is almost impossible. That leads to the exclusion of these elements from scheme comparisons.

According to Graham Anderson, CEO and Principal Officer at Profmed – credited by the report as having a ‘winning benefit option’ – the reams of information can pose a problem for consumers determining which benefit option to choose. “Medical schemes provide protection at some of the worst moments of people’s lives. Therefore it is of paramount importance that members understand exactly what they have cover for, and take the time to ensure they are selecting the right scheme for their particular needs.”

About Profmed

Medical Scheme ChoiceProfmed is a restricted medical aid scheme that is open to professionals who have obtained a postgraduate qualification. Profmed offers these individuals exclusive yet affordable medical cover. The company’s vision is to address the healthcare needs of professionals through appropriate and comprehensive benefit design. For more information, please visit or follow Profmed on Facebook.

Medical Scheme Choice

Before signing up for a hospital plan or comprehensive cover from a medical aid, explore the health insurance option too. By completing and submitting the form on this page you can get a tailored quote.

Note that health insurance is an entirely different product from medical aid. The former is governed by Short-Term Insurance ruled, while the latter falls in the ambit of the Medical Schemes Act. Compare and then make the correct choice.


All info was correct at time of publishing