Overview of Profmed Medical Scheme

Profmed Medical Aid Scheme is not a scheme for the general public. Their tagline is “Tailored to suit the needs of a professional “.  In this article, we give a brief Profmed overview.

Profmed Overview: Who is eligible to join

As it is a closed medical scheme, there are certain conditions that must be met. By pooling these members, it is often Profmed Overvieweasier to restrict costs and minimise the drain on the schemes resources.

  • A degree /qualification of four years or more
  • Two three-year degrees
  • Three-year degree with a post graduate qualification of less than one year.
  • Must have a job or be a student holding a four-year degree and enrolled in a graduate programme.
  • You have to submit the correct qualifications for verification.

We provide five options

Pro Pinnacle

The highest tier option is the Pro Pinnacle Plus.

  • It offers Unlimited Hospital stays in Private Wards
  • Comprehensive Chronic Cover
  • Comprehensive day to day cover
  • In and Out hospital G.P and Specialist cost up to 300% of the Profmed Tariff.
  • Dental visits and procedures up to 135% of Profmed tariff.
  • Pro Pinnacle offers coverage on a similar level to the highest traditional scheme options.
  • It offers the highest level of tariff reimbursements for hospital stays and doctor visits.
  • But also offers 80% coverage for the expensive in rooms’ procedures like MRI and CT scans.


They have additional plans such as the Pro Secure Plus, Pro secure and the Pro Active Plus.

Pro Active

Even the Pro active which is the lowest Tier will offer.

  • Full In-Hospital Benefits
  • Covers PMBs as well.
  • With Profmed even the lowest level options offer more coverage than many of the mid-range options on other schemes for about the same price.


Wellness programme

Members of Profmed have the option of joining for a small fee. This is administered by Momentum Health.

This offers:

  • Discounted Gym membership
  • Bicycle equipment discounts
  • Mango Travel Discounts etc


Monetary awards: You can earn these awards by scheduling preventative tests or proving that they attend the gym regularly. You can redeem these with a Pick and Pay Shopper Card or even Nu Metro movies.

Prof Med app

One of the advantages of being a Profmed member is that you can download their App to your phone. This Mobi Act stores may have useful features that a member can utilise.

Emergency Transport

Profmed has partnered with Netcare 911 to provide emergency assistance for its members.

Profmed Baby

If members are expecting a baby, they can register with this Programme which offers all kinds of baby advice and gifts to help parents cope.

Trauma / HIV exposure Assistance Programme.

24 hrs counselling is provided for members

That is it for our comprehensive profmed overview. If you think you may qualify for membership with the Profmed scheme, please Contact the Professional Medical Consultant at Affordable Medical Aid, and they will provide further information.

Contact: 031 267 5060. 

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All info was correct at time of publishing