Comparative Medical Aid Quotes

Comparative medical aid quotes are now a cinch thanks to the power of the Internet. Just complete the form. Then you will receive a range of quotes that will enable you to make comparisons right in your inbox. You could also receive a call from our medical fund gurus to walk you through the various hospital plans and medical schemes on offer in South Africa and advise you on what is best suited for your particular health needs.

Kinds of Health Cover in South Africa

You can better distinguish between the various forms of health cover available in the market today. But you need to know the distinction between medical aid schemes and insurance companies. The main difference is the range of benefits provided by their respective schemes.

Medical aid schemes are regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes which each scheme is required to be a member of. It is mandatory for these schemes to offer cover for the 300 or so health conditions listed as Prescribed Minimum Benefits or PMBs.

This is not the case with insurance companies. These are not answerable to the council and do not haveĀ  to offer the PMBs. So beware when you are looking at health insurance quotes from companies like Clientele. Remember that you might not get the full extent of cover you expect. This is why your first choice for your healthcare needs should be a medical fund.

Comparative Medical Aid QuotesAnother difference between the two is the fact that insurance companies are founded and operated with the aim of generating profits. This is not the case with medical aid schemes, all of which are non-profit organisations. They are more concerned about making affordable healthcare available to as many South Africans as possible. Bonitas and Fedhealth, among others, are open schemes. Any citizen can become a member. And they offer great medical and hospital plans.

What To Look For When Assessing Comparative Medical Aid Quotes

There are four things you should keep an eye out for to ensure you get value for your money when you sign up:

  • Range of cover: Opting for a medical aid scheme rather than an insurance company will give you access to a wider range of benefits as seen above. Take advantage of the great hospital plans of schemes like Genesis and Discovery and enjoy more bang for your buck.
  • Type of scheme: While restricted or closed medical aid schemes only cater to one sector, trade, profession or company, open medical schemes such as the aforementioned Bonitas cater to South Africans of all walks. Open medical aid schemes are available to you regardless of your health status; whether or not you will require hospitalisation or the attention of a specialist. This is because they must by law not to turn anyone seeking health cover down.
  • Expectant mothers: It is critical for you to sign up to a medical scheme as early as possible if you plan on starting a family. This is to ensure you enjoy the full benefits of healthcare before and after the birth of the child. These benefits kick in after a 12-month waiting period. However, if you sign up in the course of the pregnancy, you will have cover for medical care for the child after birth while in hospital.
  • Deals for coastal residents: If you live near the coast you are entitled to certain deals as you are regarded as healthier than South Africans from other parts. Find out from the medical cover provider what they are and claim them.

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