Sizwe Medical Aid Options Include Plans for Employees

Perhaps you are looking for an entry-level medical aid plan. Or a medical scheme that caters for families. Or an option that will work for a company with employees. Well, Sizwe medical aid options have something to offer you.

There are seven plans among the Sizwe medical aid options, all of which have a slightly different focus. First step will be to decide whether you are after a basic hospital plan, a comprehensive medical aid, or something in between. When you familiarise yourself with the different medical aid plans that Sizwe has to offer, you will be able identify which of the Sizwe medical aid options will suit you, your family, or your company best.

The Five Sizwe Medical Aid Options

Sizwe Medical Aid OptionsThe five Sizwe medical aid options range from a new generation plan that offers savings along with in-hospital as well as out-of-hospital benefits, to an entry-level option with network hospital and doctor options. It really all depends on what you need and what you can afford.

The five options from Sizwe are the:

  1. Savings Care Plan
  2. Gomomo Plan
  3. Primary Plan
  4. Affordable Care
  5. Full Benefit

The Sizwe Savings Care Plan has no overall in-hospital limitations. Dubbed as the company’s “new generation option”, it includes a 15 percent savings portion, and pays the out-of-hospital benefits from these savings.

The Sizwe Gomomo Plan is Sizwe’s entry-level option, and as such, the cheapest of all the Sizwe medical aid options. There is no limit on hospital care cover, but members must use a hospital from the Sizwe network. There is also a network for general practitioners. Ultimately this plan provides excellent value for monthly spend.

The Sizwe Primary Care Plan is an excellent hospital plan with additional benefits for daily care. The plan covers the obligatory chronic conditions. This is another of the Sizwe medical aid options that utilises the company’s private hospital network.

More Sizwe Options

The Sizwe Affordable Care Plan boasts generous benefits including unlimited hospital care and cover for chronic care. In terms of all the Sizwe medical aid options it really does rank in terms of affordability.

Sizwe Medical Fund OptionsThe Sizwe Full Benefit Plan is the company’s elite offering that gives comprehensive cover including unlimited hospital care. More chronic conditions are covered in this plan than in others, and there is additional “top up” cover for things like anaesthetist and medical specialists who may be required when a member is hospitalised.

More Chronic Benefits

Sizwe offers their Chronic Medicine Programme as a free added extra to three of the five Sizwe medical aid options: the Primary Care Plan, the Affordable Care Plan, and the Full Benefit Plan. There are two basic benefits, one that relates to chronic medicine, and the other to HIV/AIDS.

In terms of chronic medicine, Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) conditions must be authorised in advance, and only preferred providers and authorised treatment protocols will be approved.

In terms of HIV/AIDS and the Sizwe medical aid options, members are asked to register with the official HIV/AIDS programme that provides a range of services from consultations and counselling, to medication and blood tests that are invaluable for monitoring the illness.


All info was correct at time of publishing