Selfmed Medical Aid Options Are Simple But Give Essential Cover

Founded in 1965 as a “simplistic” medical aid that South Africans in general could depend on, Selfmed Medical Scheme has strong reserves and prides itself on providing access to top quality medical care. There are five Selfmed medical aid options. They offer different benefits for a diverse membership.

Selfmed strives to deliver excellent service to its members and for this reason it has its own Excellence Call Centre. This enables those administrating the scheme to provide individualised service and personal attention to its members.

Selfmed Medical Aid OptionsEven though the Selfmed medical aid options are simplistic in nature, essential health- and medical-care is offered. The Selfmed difference is that the scheme does not offer add-on extras like reduced gym fees or discounts on health products.

The Five Selfmed Medical Aid Options

The five Selfmed medical aid options have been tailored to meet the needs of different people. The one you will choose will depend largely on what you value most, hospital cover, comprehensive cover, chronic cover, or network options. The different plans are:

  1. SelfNET, designed to cover both day-to-day medical costs and those that might result from accidents
  2. MEDXXI, an unlimited hospital plan that also provides core medical cover in the event of emergencies
  3. Selfsure, a plan that offers good day-to-day benefits that will generally suit more mature couples and younger families
  4. Selfmed 80%, that offers comprehensive medical cover
  5. MED Elite, ideal for those who suffer from chronic medical conditions

Each of these five Selfmed medical aid options has something a little different to offer.

Selfmed Medical SchemeThe first, SelfNET is one of the Selfmed medical aid options that offers unlimited hospital cover, but only in network hospitals and for PMB chronic conditions. General practitioner (GP) consultations are also unlimited within the network, and dependent on them being “medically necessary”. Specialist practitioner consultations are also unlimited within the network. Other basic cover include dentistry, radiology, pathology, and maternity, as well as contact lenses and spectacles.

MEDXXI is one of the Selfmed medical aid options that provides a good, solid hospital plan with unlimited cover in any of the medical schemes network of hospitals. The option covers PMB chronic conditions also. In addition there is cover for several clinical procedures in doctors’ rooms including colonoscopy, gastroscopy and tonsillectomy. There is cover for MRI and CT scans both in hospital and out, and are unlimited. Selfmed pays antenatal classes at cost and maternity visits are subject to specified limits. Additional benefits relate to oral, facial and maxilla-surgery as well as mammograms and pap smears. There are also benefits for contraception.

More Selfmed Options

Selfsure is one of the Selfmed medical aid options that provides unlimited hospital cover for all the PMBs at designated service providers at any private hospital. As for the MEDXXI plan, certain clinical procedures are covered in doctors’ rooms, and there are various benefits for dental-related surgery and contraception. Maternity cover and scan costs are unlimited, but basic dentistry, GP and specialist visits, as well as optometry and cover for medical appliances all have a specified limits. Selfmed considers students as minors in this plan.

Selfmed 80% is the most comprehensive of all the Selfmed medical aid options. It provides the same unlimited hospital cover as the Selfsure plan. The option covers specialists in and out of hospital at 80 percent of cost. The option covers a total of 65 chronic conditions to a specified limit. There is generous oncology cover and the options covers joint replacement within limits. There is also optometry cover to a limit. As for the Selfsure plan, Selfmed regards students as minors.

MED Elite is the best of the Selfmed medical aid options for those with chronic conditions, although cover is very similar to Selfmed 80% including unlimited hospital cover.

If  the various Selfmed medical aid options interest you, you can fill in a request for further information online via the medical scheme’s web site.




All info was correct at time of publishing