SelfMed Offers Simplified Medical Aid

SelfMed Medical Scheme is one of the oldest medical aid schemes in South Africa, and it prides itself on offering SelfMed options without “unnecessary bells and whistles”.

There are no free or reduced-price gym memberships, no shopping incentives, and no other extras.

The SelfMed Vision

Emphasising simplicity, SelfMed’s stated vision is to meet the “essential healthcare” of its members; to provide personal attention; to ensure that the company is financially stable and solvency levels are always above legal requirements; and to remain committed to providing excellent service.

So in addition to Simplicity, the scheme lists Sincerity, Security and Service as its primary values.In addition, the company is a member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

SelfMed Options on Offer

Selfmed OptionsMedical scheme products are affordable and uncomplicated, with a range of options designed to cater for all healthcare needs. There are five options, including a Hospital Plan with a SelfMed network option. And the MED Elite Option that caters for people with chronic conditions.

Choices available are:

•    The non-network Selfmed MEDXXI Hospital Plan that provides unlimited hospital cover
•    Selfmed Selfsure is a hospital plan with some excellent additional day-to-day benefits. Selfsure offers cover for “mature” couples and young families
•    Selfmed MED Elite that caters specifically for people with chronic conditions
•    Also SelfMed 80% that provides comprehensive medical cover with co-payments of only 20 percent
•    Selmed SelfNET that provides a comprehensive network option that is affordable for members

Selfmed Medical SchemeWhen SelfMed was originally founded in 1965, the trend was for people to belong to medical aid companies that offered fully comprehensive medical plans offering everything from hospital cover to payment of medicines purchased at pharmacies. Today, however, this option has become a luxury for most, and an increasing number of people prefer to opt for health insurance products or more focused hospital plans. Some then use medical credit and debit cards, or medical savings accounts for day-to-day healthcare expenses.

More About Selfmed Options

The MEDXXI Hospital Plan provides unlimited 100 percent-paid hospital care at designated hospitals as well as certain clinical procedures that include colonoscopy, gastroscopy and tonsillectomy. the options includes unlimited CT and MRI scans, and there are a number of other invaluable benefits.

The MED Elite plan offers the same hospital cover and cover for the same clinical procedures and scans. One of the major differences is that 65 chronic conditions are covered (to R25 000), instead of just 25 Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) the options include cover for chronic conditions and joint replacements. There are also good benefits for those requiring oncology, particular where biological drugs are required.

The Selfsure option adds doctor costs to hospital cover along with basic dentistry, pathology, physiotherapy and radiology. The options cover some clinical procedures and scans, along with other benefits of both the MED Elite and MEDXXI Hospital Plan. There are minor contributions for students under the age of 25,  if they are still dependants.

The SelfNET option combines unlimited hospital cover for PMB conditions, within the designated network, with cover for accidental injury and “everyday events”. The options includes scans, basic dentistry, pathology and radiology, as well as the cost of spectacles and contact lenses.

Detailed benefits of all the options are available for download from the company website.



All info was correct at time of publishing