Medshield Medical Benefits Cater for All Lifestyles

Medshield is a South African medical benefit company that focuses on good quality healthcare products that are affordable and encourage members to live a healthy lifestyle

Medshield, founded in 1968 is one of the oldest schemes around and it is also one of the largest. It has had an AA- global credit rating for the past six years and continues to pay members’ claims on time, all the time. The scheme also has representatives in all of the country’s nine provinces, making it accessible countrywide.


Medshield Medical Aid Products

Medshield has eight possible medical aid options that accommodate various different lifestyles and budget needs.

These include:

•    Medshield Standard Benefit Option that incorporates unlimited in-hospital cover through a quality hospital network, at the same time allowing members to manage other medical needs and requirements via a savings account. There is also a maternity package included in the scheme as well as medicine for chronic diseases, oncology and wellness benefits, as well as ambulance services.
Medshield Medical Benefits•    Medshield Core Plus Benefit Option has been designed for young people, and italso offers the same unlimited in-hospital cover, but some procedures are paid at a higher rate. There are some benefits, including ones that relate to chronic medicine, maternity, wellness and oncology, and ambulance services included. The Core Plus scheme does not include day-to-day benefits.
•    Medshield MediValue Benefit Option is ideal for young, healthy individuals. It offers fundamental healthcare cover and limited “out-of-hospital” cover along with major medical benefits when you are hospitalised. There are also maternity, chronic medicine, oncology and wellness benefits, as well as the usual ambulance services.
•    Medshield MediPlus Benefit Option was designed for middle to upper-income members that want unlimited in-hospital cover via the trusted company network, along with other benefits that relate to doctors, dentists, opticians, radiologists, pathologists and other medical specialists. The standard chronic medicine, maternity, oncology, and wellness benefits are also covered.
•    Medshield MediBonus Benefit Option is best suited for people who need comprehensive medical cover. Unlimited hospital cover is included through the company’s network of hospitals, and specific in-hospital services are paid at 200 percent of the company’s private tariff rate. There are also comprehensive out-of-hospital benefits including dental as well as those listed above. Medshield Medical Benefits•    Medshield Premium Plus Benefit Option has unlimited in-hospital cover that pays at the same higher 200 percent rate as above and allows members to manage their other medical needs using a personal savings account. There are, of course also the full range of other benefits, including chronic medicine.
•    Medshield MediPhila Benefit Option is particularly comprehensive, offering both in- and out-of- hospital benefits, wellness benefits, chronic medicine and maternity benefits, and managed care programmes.
You can download brochures that explain all the company’s medical aid products from their website.

Health and Wellness

Like all good medical aid schemes in South Africa, Medshield encourages its members to stay fit and healthy by eating well, keeping active and being aware of what it takes to stay healthy.