Discovery Medical Aid Options Ensure Your Family’s Health

Ever had that desperate feeling when you rush your seriously injured loved one to a public hospital and find no medically skilled staff to attend to them? The reality is that most public hospitals in South Africa are in such a shocking state as to be a joke. Discovery medical aid options are so affordable that you don’t have to lie awake at night. South Africa has excellent hospital plan insurance which caters for South Africans from all walks of life. These plans are perfect for those who don’t want a comprehensive medical aid.

Discovery Medical Aid Options

Find the Right Discovery Medical Aid OptionsAfter requesting different medical insurance quotes, people appreciate Bestmed for instance because they have an impressive claims payout system. They pay 99.2% of claims within 15 days of receiving the claim. Some of the other leading medical aids in South Africa are Momentum Health, Bonitas Medical Aid and others. You can’t go wrong with Discovery medical aid options because they offer a wide variety of plans. These are perfect for their member’s needs. The different Discovery medical aid options are continually available, and they have expert financial advisors who can guide you towards the health plan suitable for your unique needs.

Discovery medical aid options cater for all individuals’ medical needs. Top earners may want to look at their Executive Plan which offers the most extensive care, while those earning less will be more than content with KeyCare. This is their basic option which offers the most efficient private healthcare at the most affordable rates.
There are many South Africans who find hospital plans particularly attractive. Young, healthy South Africans, without children, find these Discovery medical aid options very attractive because the lower premiums leave them with more disposable income in their hands. A range of other Discovery medical aid options are available and which cater for every need. Their Saver Series for instance offers affordable cover for hospital, but also for chronic conditions and day to day expenses.

Discovery Vitality

Discovery Medical Aid OptionsWhat sets  Discovery medical aid scheme apart from others is their Discovery Vitality programme. This is a programme which encourages and also rewards you for getting healthier. Vitality helps their members become healthier by providing them with the knowledge and tools to improve their health. When you register with their baby program you get lots of gorgeous baby products as well as lots of vouchers. Vitality members have lower healthcae costs than their non-member counterparts.

Discovery Health Medical Aid

Discovery Health is the biggest open medical aid scheme in South Africa. Established in 1992, they have some 2.5 million people looking to them for medical cover. They are financially stable too. They have received an AA+ Global Credit Ratings score. This is the highest credit rating a South African medical scheme can get. All Discovery medical aid options and plans cover hospitalisation, chronic medicine and preventive screenings. Day to day expenses are covered with their Priority, Comprehensive, Executive and Saver plans. With some Discovery medical aid options they pay your day-to-day medical expenses from your Medical Savings Account. Any funds you don’t use are carried over to the next year.

Options That Cover Your International Health Needs

The medical aid also covers members for emergencies. When travelling internationally, you have cover for medical emergencies. The medical scheme aims to keep Discovery medical aid rates affordable. They have entered into arrangements with GPs and specialists who offer them a higher rate of reimbursement. This ensures members have limited co-payments.

Discovery medical Aid options are always evolving. This is why the medical scheme is able to continually be offering members world-class medical care.  They have pioneered many products with their members in mind. With so many carefully considered Discovery Medical Aid options, members can have complete peace of mind. When members need medical help, unlike the public health system, they will never be turned away.


All info was correct at time of publishing