Medihelp Medical Aid Helps People Enjoy Better Health

The Medihelp medical aid is one of the largest open medical aid schemes in South Africa. There plans are straight forward, easy to understand and affordable.

What is a medical aid?

Medihelp Medical AidA medical aid or scheme such as Medihelp medical aid is an organization that offer members and prospective members a variety of plans that will allow them to obtain private health care when they are ill or when it becomes necessary for hospitalisation. Members pay a monthly premium for these benefits. The various plans offered by die different medical schemes differ widely and members must conduct thorough research before making a final decision. Keep the following in mind:

  • There is a big difference between a comprehensive medical plan and a hospital plan. Most schemes such as Medihelp medical aid offers both.  In the latter case the plan only makes provision for the cost of treatment whilst in hospital. A comprehensive plan ordinarily also provide hospital cover, but it makes provision for day-to-day medical expenses such as a visit to the dentist or a general practitioner too.
  • Most plans have limits. Certain conditions, for example, will only be covered up to a pre-defined amount. There are also limits regarding the number of doctors visit each year, the type of treatment allowed and in some cases even the facility or practitioner that is used by the member.
  • A hospital plan and hospital insurance is not the same thing. Hospitalization insurance policies will normally pay policy holders a cash amount for each day spent in hospital. The policy holder can use that money for any purpose whatsoever. A hospital plan, on the other hand, will make sure that the hospital and attending physicians are paid.
  • Some schemes offer cheap medical aid but it must be kept in mind that such plans offer very limited cover.


Medical aids in South Africa

MedihelpSouth Africa boast a robust private health system.There are several very large and internationally respected schemes. Medihelp medical aid, Discovery Health,  Bestmed, Liberty medical aid, Discovery medical aid and Momentum Health are just a few examples of open schemes. An open scheme can be joined by any citizen of South Africa. Closed medical aid schemes, such as GEMS medical aid can only be joined by a  closely defined group of people. In this example, the scheme is only accessible to government employees.

Despite criticism from various sources it must be kept in mind that all South Africans, even those that are not members of a private scheme such as Medihelp medical aid, has access to the public health system. The South African public health system is under tremendous pressure, that is true, but it has been rated as superior to many such systems in certain first world countries. In fact, some of the cheapest medical aids offer less than what the public health system can offer!

Medihelp medical aid facts and figures

The Medihelp medical aid is on of the large players in the SouthAfrican private health care industry with nearly quarter of a million members.

  • Medihelp medical aid covers more than 220 000 members and dependants.
  • Medihelp medical aid prides itself on its solvency, its ability to pay claims and its innovative approach towards keep administrative cost low.
  • The Medihelp medical aid boast an impressive AA- rating from Global Credit Rating, an internationally respected independent rating organization.
  • Medihelp medical aid offers one of the widest ranges of plans.