Selfmed Offers Rewarding Medical Plans

February 5, 2015

The need  for a reliable and  affordable medical aid in South Africa has never been as necessary as it is today. With public healthcare mismanaged and under-resourced, starting a family in South Africa without an affordable medical aid is tantamount to disaster. But what is medical aid and how will you find one that meets your specific health needs? Selfmed is one of South Africa’s well known medical aids. It is popular because of its low annual premium increases.

Affordable Selfmed Medical Aid

Selfmed Happy FamilyMedical aids aren’t one-size-fits-all. If you are young and newly married, you may want a medical aid with excellent maternity benefits. Maybe you’re at a life-stage where you’re responsible for your own health and a young family. Are there affordable medical aids for families? Discovery Medical Aid may well be the largest medical aid but members complain that their premiums are too high. This won’t suit young families. South Africa has many affordable medical aid options that meet the needs of families.

Healthy individuals appreciate the affordable hospital plan insurance with low premiums. With a generous amount of day to day medical aid cover as well as increased cover for chronic conditions, you are sure of your family’s health care. Selfmed is a popular medical aid in South Africa because of its straightforward simplicity and its affordable medical aid plans.

Best Selfmed Medical Aid

With a medical aid, when you need medical care most, you won’t have to worry about costs. With so many medical schemes to choose from, you will need to take into account your health needs, your age and budget. Based on these factors you can choose from South Africa’s best medical aids. There are medical aid reviewers who evaluate medical aids in South Africa and rate them according to certain criteria –

  • the services they offer
  • the claims process
  • the level of coverage
  • the payout process
  • premiums charged

Momentum Health offers great service levels and premiums. Discovery Health Medical Aid offers higher premiums but is South Africa’s biggest medical aid because of their many services and options. Bestmed conducts their scheme in such a financially responsible manner, they use members’ contributions effectively and wisely. GEMS Medical Aid is an excellent medical scheme for all public service employees. The best medical aid scheme is the one with the right options for your lifestyle and which is affordable.

Selfmed Medical Aid Scheme is one of the best medical aids in South Africa. The Selfmed medical aid offers uncomplicated, affordable products designed to meet a wide range of members’ healthcare needs. The Selfmed hospital plan, MEDXXI option, offers many extraordinary benefits such as ante-natal classes, 25 PMB chronic conditions and much more.

About Selfmed

Selfmed Medical AidSelfmed Medical Scheme was established in 1965 and this registered, open medical aid scheme
is highly regarded. The Selfmed Medical Aid Scheme runs their own administration and call centre which is known
as their Excellence Centre. They are also continually working at improving benefits for their members. They offer a range of diverse medical plans which cater for all their members. The names of these options are Selfnet, MED Elite, Selfmed 80%, MEXXXI and Selfsure. Between these plans, some of the Sefmed options you get –

  • unlimited hospitilisation at Selfmed’s designated hospitals
  • access to professional, specialised disease management programmes
  • medicine on discharge payable from hospital benefit
  • unlimited emergency transport benefits
  • unlimited benefits for rehabilitation and home nursing
  • generous benefits for pregnancy
  • the MED Elite Option for instance is great if you have chronic conditions. You also get unlimited  hospital cover, 65 chronic conditions are covered, joint replacements, ante-natal classes and much more.


With Selfmed You’re in Good Hands

The details of medical schemes change from time to time. You can go to the websites of the specific schemes mentioned such as Selfmed. You will find details of the hospital plans as well as the comprehensive healthcare the offer. With the ill-reputed and disturbingly inefficient public health system in South Africa, everybody just wants to know that they’re in good hands with their medical aid of choice. Selfmed is one of South Africa’s best medical aid schemes who make sure their members never have to fear rising medical costs.




All info was correct at time of publishing