Medshield Protects South Africans Daily

Medshield has been providing medical cover to South Africans since 1968. It has become one of the largest medical aids, consisting of over 191 000 members. No wonder that this medical aid is “the people’s choice”. It offers affordable and friendly medical cover.

Medical schemes in South Africa

South Africa boasts more than 100 medical aids. Although all medical aids like Bonitas, Discovery Health, Fedhealth, Medihelp and Medshield do provide excellent hospital cover,their coverage regarding comprehensive out-of-hospital costs are different. It is therefore better to compare medical aids in order to see what plan will be more suitable for your medical needs.

Medshield Medical aids can be classified as open or closed schemes. Medshield is an open medical aid and this simply means that everyone in South Africa may become a member. Closed medical aids like SA Breweries medical aid, have restrictions when it comes to membership. Membership is exclusive and in the case of SA Breweries medical aid, only the employees of the South African Breweries are allowed to become members.

About Medshield medical aid

Medshield medical scheme has received an AA-Global Credit rating for the last 6 years. The Global Credit Rating (GCR) rates all medical aids on the claim paying ability and credit. It received the highest rating of AA. This just goes to show that all valid claims are paid each time.

Apart from the flexible options you can choose from when becoming a Medshield member, Medshield also offers additional services to make each member’s life easier. Some of these extra services include LifeSense HIV/AIDS programme, benefit management programme, emergency services, oncology disease programme and chronic medicine management programme.

When you belong to a medical aid like Bestmed or Bonita medical scheme, be sure to find out how their claims program work. Concerning claims, the process is very simple. You can send a fax or drop off your claim at their offices in Woodmead, Johannesburg. Alternatively, you can email the claim to the provided Medshield contact details. Please note that the claims must reach the scheme within four months of the service date.

Medshield’s range of options

If you want to become a Medshield medical aid member, you have the opportunity to choose from five options, each tailored and flexible to fit different individual’s need regarding medical aids. The options include CorePlus, MediBonus, MediPlus, MediValue, Premium Plus and the Standard option.

The CorePlus is a Medshield hospital plan. This plan offers unlimited cover when members visit the Medshield Hospital Network. The CorePlus does not cover any day-to-day costs. Therefore,this plan is well suited for individuals who are young and do not have any day-to day expenses.



All info was correct at time of publishing