Bestmed is the People’s Choice

Bestmed is a well-established name when it comes to medical aids. Many South Africans entrust their health with the scheme. The reason? Bestmed’s mission is to use member’s contributions and other income in a wisely manner. As a result, each member has the opportunity to receive the best medical service without compromising on service.

Bestmed medical scheme provides cover for more than 193 000 people. This is why it is the people’s choice when it comes to medical cover.

Medical aids in South Africa

BestmedBestmed medical aid, Bonitas, Discovery medical aid,Liberty medical aid and Spes Bona medical aid are all medical aids of which South Africans can become members off. The fact that there are over 100 medical schemes, such as Bestmed and Discovery Health to choose from, may present a problem. How do you choose a cheap medical aid that will provide you in the best medical care but will not break the bank?

When you are in the process of choosing a medical aid like Bestmed, keep in mind the following:

•    Your budget
•    What is your current state of health? Are you on chronic medication that you need on a monthly basis?
•    Do you have any dependants like children?
•    Do you have a child on the way?

All these factors have an influence on your decision when looking at medical aids such as Discovery and Genesis medical aid.

Is Bestmed really the best medical aid?

You should consider a few things when you are looking for a medical aid.Look at their credibility and finical stability. Bestmed medical scheme has been offering South Africans medical cover for over 50 years and provides a payback of 99.2% on all Bestmed claims within 15 days. This is an indication of a stable and financiallyhealthy scheme.

In addition, each Bestmed member qualifies for Emergency evacuation,ambulance service and international travel insurance, provided by ER 24.Programs and support that includesBest baby program, Spinal Rehabilitation Program, private nursing and specialized wound care as well as prosthesis, medical apparatus, appliances and supports are also part of the benefits.

Bestmed options

As a Bestmed member, you are able to choose from three health plans which includes the Beat range, the Pace range and the Pulse range.

With the Beat range, you have flexible hospital benefits. From the Beat range, you can choose from Beat1, Beat2, Beat3 and Beat4.   With Beat2 and Beat3, you have limited savings that allow payment for out-of-hospital expenses. Beat4 offers a more extensive cover regarding out-of-hospital expenses.Before choosing only a Bestmed hospital plan, think and consider out-of-hospital costs. If you are in excellent health, this plan is ideal, but if you are on chronic medication or need to see specialist on a regular basis, re-consider.

The Pace range offers four options: Pace1, Pace2, Pace3 and Pace4. This cover offers more comprehensive hospital benefits, larger Scheme benefits, and additional savings that will help pay for out-of-hospital costs.Appropriate cover for a growing family.

When you are a member of Bestmed’s Pulse range, you are offered full hospital benefits as well as out-of-hospital benefits, but need to visit designated network providers. With the Pulse range, you can choose between Pulse1 and Pulse2. This cover by Bestmed, is more suited for members whose health need to be monitored more comprehensively.



All info was correct at time of publishing