Medical Aid for Students in South Africa

Medical aid for students is an interesting market. When your children are not children anymore, but still depend on you for their survival, what to do? Many medical aids take advantage of this segment of the market. They milk poor, unsuspecting parents for large sums of money. They have little care for the effect that this milking has on the parents’ wallets. There are a few medical aids that really are concerned for this segment, however. And they do what they can to meet these parents halfway.

Take a moment to get to grips with a simpler question: what is medical aid? You might think that this question is pretty self-explanatory.. But let us just get the basics out of the way first. Then we can really get into what medical aid for students in South Africa actually entails.

What Is Medical Aid?

Medical Aid for StudentsIn short, if you fall ill, are in an accident, or need emergency medical treatment at a private hospital, then you will no doubt have come across medical aid. If you have it, then great, and if you don’t, not so much. This will be felt in your pocket if you are not covered adequately by a medical scheme. Medical aid is that insurance that covers your private medical care and costs. Similarly too when it comes to medical aid for students, give or take a couple of exceptions.

Some providers of medical aid for students like Momentum Health go the extra mile though. They offer loads of free benefits. And these include a free travel benefit, a free health platform, and a free Hello Doctor on the web. With 0% increase for 2015 as well, they are definitely the go-to-guys for medical aid for students. Some other South African medical aid providers  make special concessions for students too, and some of these are discussed below.

Medical Aid For Students South Africa

International students can apply for membership to Bestmed, among others. For local and international students alike though, the Bonitas medical aid, Discovery Health, Fedhealth,  GEMS medical aid, and the Hosmed medical aid scheme are worthy of consideration. In your youth, you might think that you do not need medical aid, but medical aid for students is incredibly important, since accidents can and do happen, and when they do,  you don’t want to find yourself stuck in a public hospital waiting room a thousand kilometres from home.

Discovery medical aid might not have specific products tailor-made for students, but they offer such comprehensive cover, that they don’t need to. You need to know however, that this is an expensive option, so when you are looking specifically for medical aid for students, if you are not already a member of Discovery, then you might want to shop around. You cannot be despondent,however, in you search for medical aid. There are companies that offer specific products that are relevant to medical aid for students, and when it comes to medical aid for students, South Africa has a few companies that have student-focused products, especially for foreign students.

The companies with the best medical aid for students from foreign countries are listed below.

Foreign Student Medical Insurance

Momentum Health and Bestmed are two companies that are geared towards providing specific medical aid for students from foreign countries. Typing in ‘medical aid South Africa quotes’ in your search engine should bring you to a few others, but these two are among the best around. There is a lot of paperwork involved in coming to study in South Africa from another country, proof of medical cover is one of these documents. You should therefore do all your homework in good time if you are considering this exciting adventure.



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