Bonitas Medscheme Benefits Outweight the Cost

January 30, 2015

When you are looking for an affordable medical aid, price should definitely not be your only concern. You should weigh all the benefits associated with the chosen scheme. That’s so you don’t throw money at a medical scheme, only to pay out of your pocket for healthcare.

The Bonitas Medscheme balances cost and benefits perfectly. Like Bestmed, Bonitas has really done their homework, especially in terms of streamlining the cost/benefit paradigm. With this medical aid, you can be sure to find a package that suits all your requirements. It will be one that ticks every single one of your proverbial boxes.

Let us see how the scheme stacks up to some of its other South African contemporaries. That’s so can see why they should be your number one choice in medical aid.

Medical Aids in South Africa

Bonitas MedschemeThe Bonitas Medscheme has benefits quite similar to its more expensive counterparts like the Discovery medical aidwith its rewards program,Discovery Vitality,Fedhealth, and Momentum health. Even their government counterpart, the GEMS medical aid, has some of these benefits. Their health risk management programs are a cut above the rest. The Bonitas Medscheme has a wide range of general practitioners, dentists, and other specialists in their network. The medical aid maintains positive relationships with these healthcare professionals so that you reap the rewards on in ground.

What else makes the Bonitas Medscheme the logical choice for medical cover, though?

What Is Bonitas Medscheme?

The Bonitas Medscheme has quality health administration services. This is made possible be dedicated business units and client contact centre and efficient and effective claims processing and payment. Claims that are assessed in alignment with strict scheme rules, and quality fund management. With products that include the Bonitas Boncap, as well as the Bonitas hospital plan, the Bonitas medical aidhas made sure to offer you extensive cover, and these are notwithstanding some of the other Bonitas medical aid benefits.

With the Bonitas Medscheme, you enjoy pharmacy benefits, case managements benefits, disease management programs, as well as negotiations for strategic purchasing for all their clients.  The medscheme caters for all medical aids, as well as to larger corporate clients. This makes the a holistic provider of quality medical aid service, products and benefits.

Bonitas Medical Aid Options

The Bonitas Medscheme has plenty of options to choose from. They have robust data management systems that help them to identify useful trends and provide insightful information. The Bonitas medical aid scheme have policies in place that help them to understand the clinical benefits of therapeutic care, and at the Bonitas medical scheme they have a clear understanding of third party funding implications.

The Bonitas Medscheme measures the quality and costs incurred at all levels, so that they are able to refine reimbursement models on every tier of the benefits structures. Participants in this medical scheme are encouraged to participate in the management of their own health at the Bonitas Medscheme, and with the Bonitas Medscheme,you will enjoy a structured health risk management approach. The bevvy of benefits and options provided by the Bonitas Medscheme will go a long way in covering all you medical aid needs and requirements.



All info was correct at time of publishing