Remedi Medical Aid Has the Competitive Edge

January 28, 2015

Competition is healthy in any environment. You can benefit greatly from competition by allowing it to give your business the competitive edge. With medical aid schemes it is no different. You just look around, conduct just a  bit of research to see the many options available out there.

The Remedi medical aid is a true competitor. It is a restricted medical aid. Remdi is available only to employees of the Remgro Ltd. group of companies. The scheme is worth a look even if you are not an employee of the above group. You need not worry though. There are many other medical schemes that you can choose from.

Medical Aids in South Africa

Remedi Medical AidWhile the Remedi medical aidis relatively limited, you will find no shortage of medical schemes that do not have the same exclusivity causes as the one with Remedi healthcare. That said, however, they offer pretty much the same benefits. So you will not feel like you are short-changed. Included in these benefits are a few of the following:

•    Like the Remedi medical aid, you receive hospital cover and cover for medicines. It also covers visits to healthcare professionals, oncology and maternity benefits, as well as help in emergencies.

•    There are also a list of prescribed minimum benefits.

•    Also, like the Remedi medical aid, you will have cover for specific tests if you need them.

To summarise: you, as a Remgro group employee, can choose to join Remedi or not. There are many alternatives out there!


Popular Medical Aid Schemes

The Remedi medical aid is popular amongst those who have to use it. Discovery administers the scheme. And Discovery, which is without a doubt a shining example of everything that a medical aid should be in South Africa. Other popular medical aids are the Bonitas medical aid, Discovery medical aid, GEMS medical aid, Liberty medical aid and Momentum medical aid. You really do have quite a substantial pool to choose from, therefore.

If you are employed by the above company, or group of companies however, then chances are you will be using the Remedi medical aid. If you have just signed on with the company, you might have some questions, and these questions, in part atleast, will be addressed in the following section. The Remedi medical aid really does come highly recommended to those who use it, and this is why they are the preferred medical aid for Remgro. Let us now answer a few of you questions about the Remedi medical aid.

What is Remedi Medical Aid?

The Remedi medical aid offers you cover for casualty and emergency hospital visits. They also offer you comprehensive coverage for planned operations. You are covered not only for prescribed medication, but for chronic medication as well. General practitioners, specialists, dentists, and even visits to physiotherapists are covered.

With regards to Remedi medical aid contributions, they offer you a wide range of plans to choose from, so that your health doesn’t suffer, and neither does your wallet.  The Remedi medical aid has really taken a very competitive approach to medical aid coverage, and at the Remedi medical aid scheme you will find a plan that ticks all of your individual and personal boxes. Exclusivity is one thing that stands the Remedi medical aid apart from the others, but it is definitely not a closed club.

All info was correct at time of publishing