How to Change Your Medical Scheme

January 27, 2015

Before changing your medical scheme, you should know the facts. In order to change your medical scheme easier and quicker, you should take the right steps without compromising yourself. You will probably change your medical scheme since they feel they are not getting the appropriate medical service. Perhaps you are not happy with your medical scheme currently. Then you should switch to a new medical scheme by using the following tips:

Firstly, contact your own medical aid

You should keep in mind that being a member of more than one scheme is illegal. Before joining your preferred medical scheme, you should make sure that you have resigned from your current medical scheme. However, this does not mean that you have to stay without a medical cover. You should contact your current medical provider in order to let them know that you are resigning from the scheme. Do it in writing while finding out when your cover will terminate. Make sure that immediately your old medical plan terminates, your new medical plan commence.

When you Change Your Medical Scheme – Waiting period

Change Your Medical SchemeAs soon as your new medical plan commences, you will be able to enjoy the benefits offered by your new scheme. If you are experiencing a pre-existing condition or chronic ailment, your new medical scheme will impose a waiting period. If in case you become pregnant before joining a medical scheme, the medical scheme will not cover the pregnancy. This will protect existing members of the scheme from people who join a scheme to receive specific benefits, then resigns afterwards.

Choose the benefits you want

Before you switch to a new scheme, you should make sure that your new scheme offers the benefits you are looking for. The factors to consider when switching to a new medical scheme are good reputation of the scheme, price and the level of service, stability and specific benefits offered by the scheme.

Make the change

Switching from one medical scheme to another will require filling in a resignation form. Staying with a medical scheme that is not offering the benefits that you need is not good. Make the necessary changes and resign thus you will enjoy the benefits of your new scheme



After joining a new scheme, you will be entitled on request to copies of your financial statements, annual reports and the rules that are put in place in the scheme. You will be able to know the obligations of your new scheme, the contributions, the rights, the benefits and the limitations. In terms of medical scheme act, you will be given a written notice regarding any condition that affects your scheme membership.

It is possible you might be asked to prove to your new medical scheme that you were a member of another scheme by providing your membership certificate that states the period of cover. In order to make the right selection, you should make sure that the scheme is registered in terms of the medical act.

After joining a scheme, make sure to ask for information regarding the involved benefits, exclusions and contributions.


All info was correct at time of publishing