How to Raise Medical Funds

January 26, 2015

Due to unfortunate circumstances, unfortunate people require assistance in raising medical funds. A short stay in the hospital can cost you a lot of money especially when you do not have a health insurance. Here’s how to raise medical funds for such unfortunate individuals:

How to Raise Medical Funds – Research the available options

When your health insurance is exhausted, you should look into how other organizations can assist. Visit the social services in the hospital since they may be aware of foundations and financial resources. Create a personal fund raising page and raise the funds

How to Raise Medical Funds – Be extra careful when dealing with legal issues

You should be extra careful when dealing with legal issues since donations offered to individuals are not tax deductible. Tax deductible donation is not normally an issue to family and friends who are worried about the unfortunate individual.

How to Raise Medical Funds – Appeal to individuals for medical funds

When looking for donations, it is best to seek help from friends rather than seeking help from businesses. This is because your friends are the one who trusts you and are also aware that you need assistance.

How to Raise Medical Funds – Make the process easier

How to raise medical fundsYou should consider creating a medical fund raising page where people will be able to donate online. You can also go door to door collecting donations.

Social fundraising will help you to raise medical funds faster, it has more visibility, it has the lowest rate and more people will be reached. You should offer any ways how people can help the unfortunate individual and remember to include contact information.

You should consider setting up a separate bank account for donations and provide the name, location and address to people who want to directly deposit in the bank. For those who have decided to donate by mail, you should provide a pre-addressed envelope.

How to Raise Medical Funds – Do an effective crowdfunding

Carry out a research and do your diligence for things to be pretty. Provide regular updates since the more updates you give the more awareness you create.

Find out what is motivating donors

Unlike product sales and events, letters for donation request are the best since the expenses are very little.

How to find an affordable medical aid

Finding an affordable medical aid can take sometimes. In South Africa, there are many registered medical scheme thus it becomes harder for someone to know the affordable medical scheme. You might find out that you are not aware of a one-time medical prescription and a chronic medication. Have a look at your finances and determine whether the medical scheme fits your budget.

Also, you should determine your specific needs such as: if you are a healthy individual and young and single, you should look for a medical scheme that will cover for unexpected hospital bills.  Discover your immediate needs in case of an unforeseen emergency. If you are planning to see a medical doctor once or twice a year, a hospital plan is the best choice for you. However, if you are planning constant visits to a doctor, you should choose a medical plan.


All info was correct at time of publishing