Bonitas Options Include Plans for All South Africans

The Bonitas options and the Bonitas medical scheme in general is one of the best medical aid schemes in South Africa along with the likes of Momentum Health, and Liberty medical aid.

Medical aids in South Africa

There are currently over eighty-five medical aid schemes provided in the country. All of them are under the supervision of the Council for Medical Aid Schemes. Some of these medical schemes,such as the Protea Medical Aid which is aimed at the student market, are aimed to be used by a specific market. Others like Bonitas medical aid and Discovery medical aid cater to the needs of all South Africans.

Bonitas medical aid South Africa

Bonitas OptionsThe Bonitas medical scheme and the various Bonitas options have been available for more than 32 years. Bonitas options cover more than 650 000 South Africans. That makes Bonitas the second largest  open medical scheme in the country. Bonitas is also in a healthy financial state. It has an AA- Global Credit Rating, Reserves of R2.7 Billion,and a solvency ratio of 33.3%.

The various Bonitas options

There is a wide range of Bonitas options to choose from and the range of Bonitas options are  below.

•    BonComprehensive

o    A premium product, BonComprehensive meets the most arduous healthcare needs. It features extensive and exclusive benefits that cater for young and old alike. This elite option is perfect for those who appreciate high-quality, class and superior benefits.

•    BonClassic

o    The BonClassic is another of the top quality Bonitas medical aid benefits. It affords you with in and out of hospital cover, and boasts superior benefits at affordable rates.

•    Standard

o    The Bonitas standard option is ideal for families and is of a high standard offering top-quality cover at affordable prices. This plan ensures that you get the best of care, in and out of hospital. The plan is more than just a Bonitas hospital plan, it offers you and your family hospital cover, chronic cover plus generous day-today benefits. It also allows you to make full use of the Bonitas GP and Specialist Networks, which means you should never have to make co-payments for treatment whether it is in or out of hospital – subject to benefit limits.

•    Primary

o    The Bonitas primary option is one of the simpler Bonitas options. It ensures that you and your family have cover for emergencies and routine health checks. There is also cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits when you really need them.

•    BonSave

o    The BonSave plan is the most flexible of the Bonitas options that allows you to decide how to use your savings. And it offers you cover when you need it the most. While allowing you to customise your cover according to your needs, BonSave offers extensive hospital cover.

•    BonEssential

o    BonEssential is the ideal plan for healthier families and individuals who only really need cover for emergencies. BonEssential is one of the Bonitas options that offer top-quality hospital cover at affordable prices with added Prescribed Minimum Benefits when you really need them.

•    BonCap

The Bonitas Boncap is the entry-level of the Bonitas options and offers access to network providers and hospitals. It is designed to help make private healthcare more affordable for all South Africans, and contributions are based on pensionable income.

Full details of these plans and all Bonitas options can be found on the Bonitas website, or you can contact Bonitas by telephone on: 0860 002 108.


All info was correct at time of publishing