Sizwe – Affordable Medical Aid for All South Africans

Sizwe is one of the larger providers of open medical schemes in South Africa. Sechaba Medical Solutions (Pty) Limited administers the scheme.

What is medical aid?

The purpose of medical aid such as Sizwe medical aid is to provide you and your family with the reassurance that if you should ever need hospitalisation you will not be left to face a huge medical bill. It is an accepted fact that medical treatment in South Africa has become highly expensive, and due to this, and the fact that the government run hospitals are under enormous strain, it is sensible and preferable to have a medical aid plan such as one of those offered by Sizwe.

Sizwe Medical Aid LogoBy being part of a scheme like the Sizwe medical aid scheme, were you to be involved in an accident or in need of hospitalisation for any other reason, you would be able to use a private hospital rather than relying on a government run hospital. The full cost of your stay in hospital and the treatment received will generally be paid to the hospital by Sizwe,or whichever of the other medical aid scheme providers you have selected.

When part of a medical aid scheme like Sizwe med aid, you and or your employer will pay a monthly amount to the medical fund. Depending on the type of scheme and benefits you select, this will cover your day to day costs of visiting a Doctor, the medication he prescribes and most importantly the costs associated with being hospitalised should ever the need arise.

An additional advantage of being a member of a fund such as the Sizwe medical fund is that your contributions towards your medical aid scheme are tax deductible. Details of the current tax credits applicable can be found on the SARS website.

What Sizwe medical scheme offers

Sizwe has been in operation since 1978 and aims to provide affordable medical aid to all South Africans, and especially those on a low income and who are on a tight budget.

Through their products like their entry level plan, Sizwe caters to the needs of people on the lower income level and place an emphasis on caring for you and your family. Sizwe has also made their products on offer easy to understand and easy to use.

Furthermore, Sizwe structure their plans so that they are suitable for both the lowest-paid blue-collar worker to top-earning executives, and are therefore attractive for many companies to use as a single medical aid solution.
Sizwe medical aid plans

The Sizwe medical scheme offers five medical aid plans. The cost of these Sizwe plans varies and is dependent on your income, and the level of benefits that you require. Note that Sizwe calculates your income not just on salary; it includes income from savings, benefits, commission and all other forms of income. Listed below are the current Sizwe medical aid options and a link to the full details of each of the Sizwe plans:

•    Savings Care Plan

  • Out of hospital benefits paid from savings
    Savings portion: 15% of monthly contribution
    No overall in hospital limit


•    Gomomo Care Plan

  • Great value-for-money for a basic monthly fee
  • Facility to use a doctor within a doctor network
  • Unlimited hospitalisation, subject to clinical protocols


•    Primary Care Plan

  • Excellent value for money with rich out of hospital benefits
  • Up to R1M in hospital cover
  • Inclusive private hospital network
  • Covers chronic conditions within the 26 PMBs
  • Maternity benefits over and above your out of hospital benefits
  • Wellness benefits over and above your out of hospital benefits


•    Affordable Plan

  • Generous benefits
  • Excellent value for money
  • Unlimited in-hospital cover
  • Covers additional chronic conditions over and above the 26 listed in the Prescribed Minimum Benefits
  • The choice of any healthcare provider in South Africa


•    Full Benefit Plan

  • A top of the range product offering comprehensive cover
  • Cover for additional chronic conditions
  • Unlimited hospitalisation
  • A free choice of healthcare providers
  • Additional dental, optical, wheelchair, oncology, auxiliary and maternity benefits
  • Additional Top Up cover for when you are in hospital and need to pay for things like anaesthetists and specialists



All info was correct at time of publishing