Bonitas Medical Aid Quote

January 15, 2015

Bonitas is among the best of medical aid providers in South Africa. That is why we recommend that you obtain a Bonitas medical aid quote a well as a health insurance quote.

Medical aid schemes in South Africa

There are now  many medical aid schemes available to choose from. So it is always worthwhile getting a Bonitas medical aid quote. Then compare the Bonitas medical aid rates with other quotes that you request.

The Bonitas medical aid plans provide medical benefits to people from all walks of life. They are for varying budgets as you will see when you receive your Bonitas medical aid quote. Others like the Protea Medical Aid which is aimed at the student market, concentrate on a specific section of the market.

Bonitas LogoWhat you are covered for depends on the plan you select, and how much you are prepared or able to pay in contributions each month. This is why you should review all the packages from the various medical aid providers. Ask for several medical aid quotes and also a health insurance quote. You will then be in a position to compare the quotes with a Bonitas medical aid quote.

If you do not understand anything when reviewing your Bonitas medical aid quote make sure that you ask for clarification. Bonitas medical aid quotes are generally easy to understand. However, you should never take out a medical plan without first fully understanding the benefits and costs.

All medical aid schemes in South Africa fall under the strict supervision of the Council for Medical Aid Schemes. Medical aid schemes must by law provide cover for any emergency condition. And they must cover a limited set of 270 medical conditions, and 26 chronic conditions such as Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Bonitas medical aid

The Bonitas Medschemehas has operated for over 32 years. Bonitas covers more than 650 000 members and their beneficiaries which makes the Bonitas medical scheme the second-largest alternative open medical scheme in the country. The Bonitas medical aid scheme is also financial healthy with an AA- Global Credit Rating, Reserves of R2.7 Billion,and a solvency ratio of 33.3%.

There are numerous Bonitas medical aid options available such as Bonitas Boncap, Bonitas hospital plan, the Bonitas medical aid standard option to name just some. Listed below is the full range of Bonitas plans. After reviewing the benefits of each plan it is then sensible to get a Bonitas medical aid quote.

•    BonComprehensive

o    A premium product, BonComprehensive meets the most arduous healthcare needs. It features extensive and exclusive benefits that cater for young and old alike. This elite option is perfect for those who appreciate high-quality, class and superior benefits.

•    BonClassic

o    TheBonClassicis another of the top quality Bonitas medical aid benefits. It affords you with in and out of hospital cover, and boasts superior benefits at affordable rates.

•    Standard

o    The Bonitas standard option is ideal for families and is of a high standard offering top-quality cover at affordable prices. This plan ensures that you get the best of care, in and out of hospital. The plan is more than just a Bonitas hospital plan;it offers you and your family hospital cover, chronic cover plus generous day-today benefits. It also allows you to make full use of the Bonitas GP and Specialist Networks, which means you should never have to make co-payments for treatment whether it is in or out of hospital – subjectt o benefit limits.

•    Primary

o    The Bonitas primary option is one of the simpler Bonitas options that ensure that you and your family have cover for emergencies and routine health checks. There is also cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits when you really need them.

•    BonSave

o    The BonSave plan is the most flexible of the Bonitas options that allows you to decide how to use your savings, and is designed to offer you cover when you need it the most.While allowing you to customise your cover according to your needs, BonSave offers extensive hospital cover.

•    BonEssential

o    BonEssential is the ideal plan for healthier families and individuals who only really need cover for emergencies. BonEssential is one of the Bonitas optionsthat offer top-quality hospital cover at affordable prices with added Prescribed Minimum Benefits when you really need them.

•    BonCap

o    The Bonitas Boncap is the entry-level of the Bonitas medical aid schemeand offers access to network providers and hospitals. It is designed to help make private healthcare more affordable for all South Africans, and contributions are based on pensionable income.

Get a Bonitas medical aid quote by completing the form on this page

As there is a wide variety of medical aid plans offered by Bonitas you will need to look at all the plans, decide which of the plan offers the relevant benefits suitable for you, and then ask for a Bonitas medical aid quote.You can get a Bonitas medical aid quote by completing the form on this page,or alternatively you may want to speak to an advisor at the Bonitas medical fund by calling 0860 002 108


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