Medihelp Offers Efficient and Affordable Health Care

Medihelp is one of the biggest providers in healthcare. For over 100 years, Medihelp has been protecting members when it comes to medical procedures and emergencies. No wonder 220 000 people believes in them

What is Medical Aid?

A medical aid, like Medihelp, is an insurance on your health that you pay each month that covers doctor’s appointments, medicine, dental fees and other medical treatments or procedures. The reason why you want to have a medical aid is to have peace of mind, should you or a loved one need medical assistance. Accidents can happen and most of the time, it happens unexpectedly.

In a time of crisis, the last thing you want to worry about is how you are going to pay for treatment, if not covered through a medical aid. If you are not able to afford a medical aid, you should consider a hospital plan, like what Medihelp hospital plan has to offer.

MedihelpThe Medical Schemes Act of 1998 forces all medical aids, including Medihelp, to adhere to certain rules. These rules are to protect the consumer and aims to widen private health care to South Africans.

Medical Aids in South Africa

How do you choose the right medical aid, which will suit your needs? There are over 100 medical schemes to choose from that are registered that includes Bonitas,Discovery Health,as well as Medihelp. However, before choosing a cover simply because it is a well-known brand, you have to compare medical aids.

It is not always wise to obtain the cheapest medical aid because there might be some services not includes in the package that brings down the price, but is essentially needed. On the other hand, if you choose a well-known medical aid that offers plenty of incentives and special offers, it might seem like a good deal, but it might be too expensive.

When choosing a medical aid, you need to look at what you are able to afford monthly and what your needs are. Think sensibly and get medical aid quotes to make an informed decision on getting cheap medical aid.

Why Choose Medihelp?

Medihelp medical aid is the most affordable medical aid that has different product that will suite any client’s need.

The Medihelp products are as follow:

Necesse Network
•    For a client who is young and healthy, but wants to be covered in case something unexpected happens.

Dimension Prime 1
•    For a young and healthy client who wants a hospital plan and some other essential extras.

Dimension Prime 2
•    This plan suits a client who has a steady income, but is still young.

Dimension Prime 3
•    When you have more responsibilities and day-to-day expenses increase, you might want to consider this plan.

Dimension Elite
•    A client who has made a mark in life and has a steady income wants a hospital plan and comprehensive benefits.

Medihelp plus
•    This plan is for the client that is accomplished and successful, and would spare no price when it comes the health of the family.

At Medihelp, we understand that each client has different needs. Medihelp appreciates the diversity each client shows towards their income and budgets, but understands that healthcare is a serious matter and a necessity.

That is why Medihelp has so many different products to offer and one of the largest open medical aid schemes.

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