Discovery Health is Your Best Partner in Staying Healthy

January 13, 2015

What is Discovery Health? Discovery Health is one of the most well-known names in the field of medical aid. And their premiums are hard to beat and you do get value for money for a vital service. Therefore it is not difficult to see why Discovery has so many loyal members.

What is a Medical Aid?

Discovery Health medical aid. And when we refer to a medical aid or scheme, then we refer to when an insurance pays for a member’s health needs. That includes dental work, hospital accommodation, nursing and surgery.

What is Discovery Health?

What is Discovery HealthDiscovery Health is one of many medical aids in South Africa, but is considered the leader among medical aids.

And Discovery Health medical aid is a medical fund trusted by millions of people and provides in widest plan range of Discovery Health plans that caters for different income ratios.


So these include:


  • The Executive Plan
    This is a plan by Discovery Health that will provide the most extensive out-of-hospital and in-hospital cover.
  • The Comprehensive Series
    Provides extensive in-hospital and out-of-hospital cover.
  • The Priority Series
    Provides cost effective in-hospital and out-of- hospital cover.
  • The Saver Series
    This Discovery Health plan provides cost effective in-hospital and out-of- hospital cover.
  • The Core Series
    You will get cost effective in-hospital cover and provision for chronic medicine.
  • The KeyCare Series
    This is the most affordable cover available on Discovery medical aid and patients make use of the Keycare’s Network of Hospitals and Doctors.


What is Discovery Health?

If you are as healthy as a horse and only visit the dentist occasionally or do not have medical expenses, you might want to consider a hospital plan. Discovery health hospital plan is an alternative option for people who do not use any chronic medication or require regular treatment, but it will give you peace of mind, should you become hospitalised due to illness or an accident. And the Core series offers six different hospital plans.

Discovery Health South Africa is a medical aid with a difference. And not only will a consumer pay 14% lower in contributions as compared to other medial aids like Momentum Health, but also, Discovery Health wants to encourage its members to follow a healthy life-style and to stay healthy. That is why Discovery Health introduced Discovery Health Vitality.

Discovery Vitality is a programme that aims to reward members via incentives, to improve the quality of their lives in order to reduce medical costs on the long run. Vitality members are rewarded by benefits like discounts on movies and discounts at selected wellness facilities. So you can access the Discovery Health website by installing the Discovery health app on your phone.

Discovery Health offers you the opportunity to have the best health insurance and to take out life a car insurance. If you want health insurance quotes, contact Discovery today or alternatively, leave a message on the website.

Difference Between open and Restricted Medical Schemes

Open Medical Schemes

Discovery Health can be classified as an open medical scheme. This means that it is open to the public and anyone can become a member. The conditions that an applicant must comply to are:
•    Must be 18 year or older
•    Cannot be currently on a medical aid
•    Is able to pay monthly

Closed Medical Schemes

The public cannot obtain these schemes but you have to working in a certain industry, belong to a certain profession or trade. And the medical aid functions by a group of selected people that might join.


All info was correct at time of publishing