Clientele Medical Scheme

Clientele Medical Scheme isn’t quite a traditional medical aid. Clientele is a life insurance provider that offers unique policies covering you in the event of hospitalisation.

How Does the Scheme Work?

Rather than joining up as a member of the scheme, you purchase a policy from the company. The policies pay out cash when you go to hospital. You can use the money to pay your medical costs. But actually, you could use the cash for whatever you like. Some policy holders prefer to use it to cover loss of income while incapacitated. And others use it to cover pending bills, pay for groceries and so on.

The Advantages of a Policy from Clientele Medical Scheme

Tour final hospital bill isn’t only about the cost of treatment you need. A lot of people will lose out on income if they’re unable to work and that can cascade into a battle to pay the bills and survive day-to-day.

Clientele Life Hospital Plan IntroductionWhile a traditional medical aid will only cover the cost of your medical treatment, a policy from Clientele gives you cash when you need it most.

Take note, though: in South Africa it is illegal to belong to more than one medical aid. However, there’s nothing saying you can have as many insurance policies as you wish. So a policy from Clientele is as straight forward as it sounds: in the event of going to hospital you will receive your cash – no questions asked.

Different Packages

Clientele Medical Scheme offers 3 different packages to suit pocket and requirements.

1.    Clientele Accident Plan – this plan covers you in the event of an accident. You could end up in hospital due to a car accident or any other sort of emergency. Make sure you know which accidents the policy covers and keep in mind it is only valid if you need to stay in hospital for more than a day. Clientele pays cash benefits of between R250 and R2000 per day from your first day in hospital, depending on the policy you take out. Should the patient die, funeral benefits are provided as is the cost of intensive care.

2.    Hospital Cash Back Plan – you get benefits on this plan from your 3rd day in hospital and payments vary from R350 to R3000 a day in hospital. Maternity benefits are covered as are ICU treatments and the policy includes accidental death benefits. If you don’t make a claim within a sixty month period, all your money will be refunded to you.

3.    Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan – similar to the above plan, this one pays out a bit more. You can receive as much as R5000 per day spent in hospital and there is cover for dread diseases too.

Many people are growing weary of medical aid cover and the loss of income endured when hospitalised as well as bills piling up while the person is incapacitated.

Clientele medical scheme offers a good range of policies to suit different budgets and medical requirements.


All info was correct at time of publishing