Getting Medical Aid Quotes

If you’re looking at getting medical aid quotes, simply fill in the form and click “submit”. Once we receive the form we’ll send you a customised quotation based on your unique needs. Check your mail soon and compare the medical aid options we source for you. This medical quote system is a handy system used by many South Africans daily.

A Few Notes about Getting Medical Aid Quotes

Your unique medical aid quotes will offer you options to suit your budget. Make sure that the cover you choose is precisely what you and your family require and that you fully understand what product you are buying into. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the type of cover you select.

Types of Medical Aids

Getting Medical Aid QuotesThere are 3 types of medical aids in South Africa:

  • Medical schemes – offer different levels of cover which will include Prescribed Minimum Benefits as laid down by the law. There’s also cover for 26 chronic conditions. Each level of medical cover will offer a degree of hospital cover and also dental cover. The largest medical scheme in SA is Discovery Health. The scheme covers all doctors, specialists and diagnostic procedures as well as medications. How much cover you receive will depend on your level of membership which will be detailed in the medical aid quotes. Typically there are 2 medical funds: closed schemes that only certain members from certain industries and companies can join; and open schemes which anybody may join. South African citizens cannot belong to more than one scheme at a time.
  • Hospital cover – this type of cover covers your stay in hospital and sometimes your dependents’ stay too. It’s basic cover so there’s nothing else included so you need to make sure it’s exactly what you need and not a more comprehensive type of cover. Most of the medical aids and insurance companies offer a type of hospital plan.
  • Gap cover – this type of insurance is aimed at bridging the gap between what your medical expenses will actually amount to and how much your medical aid will cover. It’s a good way to avoid having to pay cash up front. Since “pay in full” can mean different things to different schemes, we can often misunderstand the meaning. The scheme may only pay their own rates in full and not the full medical bill amount.


Getting Medical Aid Quotes

Is it time to take out medical aid for your family?

Only around 16 % of the South African population are members of a medical aid and there are millions of citizens with hospital plans. As for the remainder 42 million people, the public health system is heavily relied on. And we know how stretched and under-equipped that are is.

It’s time for you to look for medical aid quotes for you and your loved ones to ensure you get the best private health care available. Which plan and scheme you choose will depend on your needs and budget and the needs of your family.


All info was correct at time of publishing