Why Using a Medical Aid Agent Saves Money

There are at least 23 regulated medical aid schemes in South Africa. They offer a variety of options and benefits to suit many personal circumstances. The decision about which scheme to choose can, therefore, can be very complicated. A monthly premium for a medical aid is often paid grudgingly and seen as a necessary evil! That is until a crisis hits. Many schemes have their own Call Centre and websites which are helpful, but when deciding on an option, it is better to look at more than one scheme. In this article, we will further discuss how a medical aid agent can save you money.

It is advisable that potential scheme members contact a Medical Aid agent who has the knowledge and experience that will assist with this decision.

A Medical Aid Agent Can Help You Save Money

They can help you identify what you would need in a medical aid plan, and help avoid the extra unnecessary expenses.

Important issues for  Members:

  • Medical Aid AgentSuitable Benefit option, within a scheme.
  • High annual contribution increases
  • Reduction of benefits
  • Co-payments that you may need to pay.
  • Prescribed Minimum Benefits -understanding include chronic medication
  • How benefits are structured i.e. Savings etc
  • Membership Structure i.e. Member plus 1, parent/child.
  • Smooth, quick claim procedures.


Advantages of using a Medical Aid Agent:

    • Work with numerous Schemes.
    • Medical Aid agents work with many medical aid schemes and as such can be impartial and knowledgeable in the various scheme benefits.
    • They will be able to offer an option that will give you the best cover in your circumstances at the best price.
    • No “Hard Sale”. They don’t have to favour one scheme over the other to get you value for money.
    • Moving Schemes: – Agents can assist with the smooth cancelling with one scheme and moving to another.
    • The medical agent does the legwork –saves time and money
    • The consultant is familiar with all the fine print for each scheme. i.e.
    • Dispensing limits
    • Maximum  limits
    • Co-payments
    • Do they cover pregnancy and hospital benefits for the mother and newborn?



Consultants are aware of these as they relate to a scheme. Often these are hard to find on a Medical Scheme Website.These may obtain information which a member should be aware of relating to payouts etc. Aware of how a particular scheme benefit works. Saving you money and helping make a choice.

Good working relationships, with Schemes:

As agents frequently work with various schemes, they may be able to negotiate a slightly better deal. This is particularly the case with group membership.

    • After Sales  Service
    • Offer health tips
    • Arrange workshops with your scheme.
    • Assist with claims

All info was correct at time of publishing