Clientele Life Hospital Plan

Many people call a Clientele Life hospital plan a medical aid scheme but it is not. Clientele life is an insurance company. Clientele offers hospital cover that DOES NOT cover all medical expenses such as specialist fees, medicines and therapy.

The policy gives a money benefit that is of one’s own choosing should one gets hospitalized. The money is for any purposes depending upon one’s own preferences.

These could be to cover medical costs, for getting healthcare, to compensate you for lost earnings (since you are not working), to spend for your youngsters’ school charges, or any expenditures connected to the hospitalization.

A Clientele Life hospital plan could cover unforeseen expenses other than hospital.

During hospitalisation, it is typically that unforeseen expenses emerge and catch us off guard. Whatever the case, an unanticipated rise in the expected costs will put anyone in a spot. Usually these will be medical costs. In that case a Clientele Life hospital plan will provide the cash to cover the extra costs.

Clientele medical aid is, nevertheless, by no means the only scheme readily available to South Africans seeking to Clientele Life Hospital Plan Introductioncontrol their medical expense and get value for their cash.

Schemes such as Discovery Medical Aid, Bonitas Medical Aid, Gems Medical Aid and Sizwe Medical Aid offer South Africans with an array of options to fit their spending plans and clinical requirements.

Packages available from Clientele Life

Clientele life has 3 plans for individuals and families namely the clientele Accident strategy, the Hospital Cash Back Plan and the Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan.

Accident Plan

The Clientele Accident Plan pays for any additional expenditures incurred by accident patients in hospital. A condition for this cover is that the accident victim should have stayed at the hospital for more than one day.

To get this cover one pays a minimal premium f each month. Benefits of this cover start from the first day as per the terms and this could be in the range of R 250 to R 2000 daily for the period one is in the healthcare facility. Additional benefits are that the victim also have cover in case of ICU admission, and in case of death one will have access to Accidental Death Benefits.

Hospital Money Back Plan

This is the general plan for every kind of hospital admission and covers nearly every requirement. Its only condition is that one has to have been in hospital for more than two days.

In this plan, a minimal premium is payable. One can then get anything ranging between R 350 and R 3000 per day for the period in hospital.

Other benefits consist of ICU cover, Maternity cover, Accidental Death benefit and Accidental disability benefit. This strategy likewise covers pre-existing medical conditions after a period that is set.

Another significant advantage that in effect provides the plan its name is that one is reimbursed cash after the insured makes 60 premium payments. This means about 5 years of dedicated membership.

Premium Hospital Cash Back Plan

The last package in the range of Clientele Life hospital plans is the Premium Hospital Cash Back plan. An extra benefit from those of the Hospital cash back plan is the Dread Disease benefit.


All info was correct at time of publishing