Affordable Hospital Plan

There are plenty of medical aid schemes in South Africa and it’s not difficult to find an affordable hospital plan. A hospital plan is a type of entry level health cover option. Hospital plans are typically the most basic and cheapest of medical schemes.

Hospital plans are attractive to younger, healthier members who don’t usually spend a lot on their healthcare. As you get older, though, it’s a good idea to upgrade your medical cover.

An Affordable Hospital Plan

Taking out a hospital plan means that you can save money in the long run. Besides being the cheaper cover option, you have cover in the event of an emergency or chronic illness. And you won’t have to face hefty hospital, surgery or specialist fees.

There are those hospital plans that require patients to seek approval prior to hospital admission. And others require members to be hospitalized overnight before having access to benefits. Mostly it will depend on the emergency.

A hospital plan doesn’t cover everything such as GP or dentist visits and day-to-day medical expenses. Yet it’s still a good form of cover for people who have, perhaps, just started working or are still young, healthy and not predisposed to chronic illnesses. To avoid shouldering high expenses if you’re admitted to hospital, an affordable hospital plan is just the answer.

Affordable Hospital PlanAlthough an affordable plan may seem attractive right now, there are a multitude of medical aid plans on the market. They do, however, come at a higher cost to the entry level cover. A good idea is to start with a basic plan and upgrade as you get older and can afford the higher premiums.


Of course, before you settle on a plan, shop around and compare all affordable plans on offer to find one that will fit your needs. A hospital plan is highly convenient since it covers both minor and major medical expenses for a fixed monthly premium. There aren’t any extra or hidden fees to worry about should you need to be rushed to hospital in an emergency. Even some specialist in-hospital treatments are usually covered.

If you’re still thinking about which medical plan to take out, do your homework. There is always a medical scheme or broker willing to help you look at your needs and finances to decide on the best possible hospital plan for you.

Many reputable brokers out there will be happy to answer your questions via email, phone or website query. Most medical scheme websites also offer comparison tools that can help provide you with information regarding the differences between their products.


A hospital plan doesn’t need to break the bank. Just because this is a more affordable health cover option doesn’t by any means suggest that they are inferior plans or that members will receive low quality service and healthcare.

Medical schemes have one goal and that’s to help each and every member – whether you take out a basic plan or an executive option. Try Liberty for a good spread of options.

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