An affordable medical aid plan is better than no plan.

Finding the cheapest medical aid plan in the country can take some time. And benefits vary from plan to plan. Some schemes may offer more health care benefits and less day-to-day benefits. And vice versa.

Find the Cheapest medical Aid you Can Afford

Each year the cost of healthcare goes up. In order for people to afford it, medical aid schemes tend to provide the most basic but essential plans.

People who live a healthy lifestyle and don’t visit doctors often, enjoy a low-cost plan. However, they will be liable for any expenses incurred should they visit a doctor. Some plans dictate which doctors may be used and others allow the member to make a choice.

Medical schemes and Plans for Everyone

Cheapest Medical Aid

There are a variety of schemes available in the country. Therefore, schemes tend to compete a lot to gain as many members as possible. This is a good thing, as it means there is sure to be the right plan for you.

Remember, while some plans try to offer the most for the least premium, they end up giving poor service and slow claims payouts owing to smaller reserves. Claims are checked to see whether or not it is absolutely necessary to pay, this results in delay and frustration.

Some downfalls to the Cheapest medical aid

Another downfall with really cheap medical aid plans is that the type of benefit offered is fairly basic. A hospital stay is limited to certain daily amounts for a short period of time. So it is important to carefully consider your healthcare requirements before deciding on which scheme you want to join.

There are many affordable schemes that offer a good range of plans though. BonEssential from Bonitas is a great entry-level option for fit and healthy members who don’t need an extensive plan but need cover in case of emergencies.

What is a Comprehensive hospital Plan?

This plan gives members value for money and includes cover for a range of chronic issues. There is 100% cover for major medical costs plus a range of added extras such as maternity care, HIV and mental health benefits.

Discovery Health’s KeyCare series offers cover within a network of doctors and hospitals. There is no overall limit on hospital cover and transport will be made available in the case of an emergency.

If a member consults a specialist or gynaecologist within the scheme’s network, that is covered too. There is also unlimited cover for GP consultations, x-rays, medicine and blood tests within the network. Members will receive cover in any private hospital be it during an emergency or for a planned admission.

The day surgery network

The day surgery network only covers vasectomies, gastroscopy and nasal procedures. Because the hospital plan does not have an overall limit, you have peace of mind during long hospital stays.

The easiest way to research cheap medical aid for your healthcare is to make use of a comparison site. You can also get a quote by email here.

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